School is out and the kids are home! The weather is nice and it’s a great time to spend quality time with the children. A great way to do that is setting up a lemonade stand! The kids can help make the lemonade. Grab a few fresh lemons and cut them in half. Juice them into a pitcher. Add sugar, water and ice. You can also make it a “fancy” drink by adding raspberries. Drop some raspberries to the bottom of the pitcher and crush them with a large spoon. Then you can do the traditional steps to make lemonade. Squeeze the lemons; add water, sugar and ice. Construct a lemonade stand by taking an ordinary desk or table and tie a large sign to the front. The sign should say Lemonade! and the cost of each cup. If you do not want to charge, you do not have to. It can show the kids to be more kind to people by offering them a free cool beverage. This is a great way to spend time outside, and show kids what it is like to own their own business. It would teach them to be nice to customers and at the same time they are learning basic people skills and the value of a dollar. At the end of the lemonade sale, take them to the toy store and they can spend their earnings!