Each year as the month of December comes to an end, people find themselves making resolutions for the new year ahead and setting individual goals. Many people do this because they are tired of procrastinating and have come to accept the changes they need to make to become better. So why not make a resolution to get your house in the style and shape that you want? We all at some point feel this way, as homeowners and renters. You have that “ahh” moment where you realize that you have been looking at the same paint job and window treatments, since your daughter was born; and now she is in middle school! So why not change this? While you’re coming up with resolutions to make yourself better, add a few more to that list in homage to your house.

The first step to a new start on your home is paint. This should be kept simple as possible, and the investing should be in the window treatments. If your decor varies from room to room, you can always choose a simple white or off-white finish. These two colors work with every decor and will be the least expensive options. Next thing on the list is furniture and flooring. If you have the money to invest, then buy brand new. If you are low on income, do not worry, these things can be replaced on a as needed basis. You could always buff/clean your floors and shampoo your furniture. Once these things are done you’re now ready for the fun part, window treatments!

Listen, this year is a whole new you and you need to make your house reflect that. Last year you had inexpensive vinyl blinds that could be found on the shelves at Wal-Mart or Home Depot. This year make your windows speak to you. Now is the time to swap those 1″ blinds for cellular shades. These shades will give your house a modern look and a cost-efficient way to keep your electricity bill down. Now is the time to rip down those old-fashion curtains and put roman shades in your formal living room. Roman shades can be very traditional or modern depending on the panel style, but they come perfectly finished with a valance and can stand on their own, without curtains or sheers. Now is the time to rip down those white vinyl verticals on your sliding glass door and replace them with panel tracks. The panels are thicker and give the door another dimension. If you want a less costly product, then try a roller shade, which functions great on doors.

In the new year shades are the new blinds. There are various designs and colors available. Blinds are great if you want a simple look and want to accent them with a swag or sheers. But this year, be different, and go for a fabulous look that will not send you to retirement with no money. There are many inexpensive roller shades, cellular shades and pleated shades if you are looking for a basic color. And if you want to go all out, then there are designs available that will allow you. Shades are a soft alternative to blinds and with the new year upon us, prep your house in style with shades!

By: Ashley