By: Meghan

2014 is a year of new possibilities, changes, a new you. And it’s time to make some changes. I’m here to help you make those changes to your windows.

You have had the basic, off the shelf, low quality verticals since moving in. Half are chipped, some are warped. They just need to go! Custom made verticals are higher quality, and the price is surprisingly affordable. Custom can fit all windows, and all budgets as well. Plus you are getting items that are more your style. And yes, people are still buying verticals.

You can change it up further with elegant fabrics, adding backers for room darkening or keep cost down with a vinyl that looks like a fabric. Another option is panels made of fabrics or even maybe a woven wood. These are fresh and give an amazing modern twist to any room.

Another item that needs updating are those vinyl mini blinds. You either got them years ago for $6 or they came with the house, they may be warping, or just falling apart from over use and not being quality. Spend the extra money and get the ones that will hold up. The custom made are thicker,and higher quality. Or if you like the look of vinyl but want to move up to something with a wider variety of colors, as well as,  a higher level of durability you can go with aluminum mini blinds. Another plus to custom is doing away with unsightly stacking at the bottom that is typical with off the shelf. This is due to custom being made your size; as you will see, there really is no such thing as a standard size window.

Both vinyl and aluminum as well have upgrades to 2″ versions. These give a fancier look to materials you already know and love, have more patterns, and can have more decorative options such as fabric tape.

Vinyl rollers can get the kicked up custom treatment as well. How? Well the basic brand ones are thin, easily ripped, and mechanisms easily broken. Custom means higher quality, and most places offer chains to use to raise and lower as opposed to easier to break or unwind pull downs, commonly called spring loaded.

Vinyl not your thing? Go with luxurious fabrics, though they may be pricier than vinyl, the price is lower than going with a Roman as rollers are always going to be less in the same type of fabrics. Add a decorative matching valance to hide any rolls or reverse the cloth on the roll if that look works better for you.

So out with the old, in with the new. Kick up old favorites a notch and spice up the New Year!