By: Brittany
Modern bedroom
Just picture it. You’re preparing for your annual new year’s eve bash and you’re cleaning every nook and cranny. Then there’s your windows. You think, “Wait a minute, since when were my shades grey? I know I bought bright white.” Dust strikes again, but fear not, you have options! Lucky for you, many stores have rather generous end of the year sales. Keep an eye out for sales on the same shades you love so much. Even better, consider products that will not only save you money now, but will keep saving you money in the future. For example, take a look at honeycomb shades.

Honeycomb shades, or cellular shades, are made to trap air in their cavities to keep your energy bills low. They’re very easy to maintain and can last for years. Plus, they can come with a variety of options such as being cordless or top-down-bottom-up. If you would like a streamline look then aim for cordless. Top-down-bottom-up is a great option for windows that are on the second floor. This way, the top can be lowered to let in light while still maintaining privacy. With how popular these shades are, it’s very easy to find them on sale. In most places, there are also basic honeycomb shades that can give your windows the same advantages. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to keep your party guests nice and toasty all the while impressing them with your taste in window treatments.