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What should you know about woven woods when it comes to a sun porch? Woven woods are made out of pieces of woven bamboo slats. Some are more tightly woven than others. Bamboo should not be placed in direct sunlight without a liner. The reason being is that they will fade fast and intense hot and cold shifts in weather can cause the bamboo material to split and crack. Adding a liner cuts down the direct heat and the potential occurrence of this. Also it is good to know that certain woven woods have the potential to fray over time on the sides. To counter this, you can purchase woven woods with decorative tape, allowing for a more cohesive bond.

As long as your blinds are placed inside, you can avoid a majority of these problems; however it wouldn’t be wise to place them on outdoor patios as coverings because the material shouldn’t get wet.  This can damage the material as well. So in terms of cleaning, do not get them wet. Instead, wipe your woven wood blinds down with a wood treatment, a polish, or simply dust them.