By: Erica

One of the most forgotten areas to decorate in your home is probably the windowsill. The average windowsill that is above a sink in the kitchen ends up storing soap, cleansers and scrub pads that are used for general cleaning purposes. The majority of home windowsills sit vacant waiting for some type of modern decorating. Both large and small windowsills can benefit from window treatments that will dress the windows up with some style.

Window Garden

You can turn your kitchen windowsill into a decorative window garden that brings the outside decor in to liven up your kitchen. You can use small flowerpots for planting herbs and align them on your windowsill. This will give you the freshest ingredients to use for your recipes and the aroma that is created cannot be matched by retail air fresheners.

You can construct a window box for the interior of your home and inside you can plant clovers or grass for a perfect mixture of green to the inside of your home. You can install the rectangular box that will attach to your windowsill. You can line the interior of the box with plastic and plant sections of your lawn. This will work well for any of your windowsills in your home. You can decorate the interior of the window box with elements that are naturally found in your lawn. You can find small rakes or umbrellas in curio shops to decorate your window box.

Sill Extension

You can create more room for your decorations by adding an extension. The great Martha Stewart says that you should choose wood that is the exact thickness as your sill and cut it to the same width. You can paint your plywood the same color as your windowsill before installing it. You can attach three small hinges on the bottom half of the extension. You need two lower brackets for supporting your shelf extension when it is raised. This allows you to decorate your windowsill in a way that you have never had before. Colored bottles that take on the shine of the sun work well or you can show off any collection of items that you have. You can position a tablecloth along the sill to hold a vase of flowers. Your choice in fabric should complement your existing decor and the colors of your flowers that sit atop your windowsill.

Holiday Sills

You can decorate your windowsills with fresh pine, acorns or pine cones during the winter holidays. You can take branches with colored leaves and place them along the bottom of your sill. You can include pumpkins, acorns or gourds on the top for a Thanksgiving feel. You can use flameless candles to accent your pine arrangement in a safe manner.

The possibilities are endless and hopefully this gives you some starting ideas to a great windowsill!