By: Brenna

This past summer I finally had the time to purchase new blinds for my house down the Cape. When I bought it the year before, it came with flimsy tattered plastic mini blinds on all the windows. The house itself is a beautiful beachfront cottage and has boatloads of charm. So you can imagine my dismay upon entering to see the nice white molded window frames encasing such a cheap covering.

The original owners had the right idea with a plastic blind because of all the moisture the house gets from the ocean, but for my new place I have an eye out for something a little more substantial. A thicker slatted blind, like a 2”, would give the window more definition and really compliment the white wood molding. A faux wood has the durability and substance, PVC, to handle the strong, wet ocean air. And the white slats do not overpower the simplicity of beach style living, but rather add the clean lines and light, natural tones.

To keep my spending in check, I put white faux wood in the main areas such as the living area and dining space. This area is one large room and the white color keeps the space open and bright. Not to mention that by tilting the blinds open, I get a great amount of beach sunshine, but I am still shielded from the view of beach goers. I carried the same product to the bedrooms to give guests and myself an ample amount of light blocking, and for the bathrooms I stuck with simple white mini blinds for function and budget reasons.

The new blinds really transformed the look of the house without me having to do any major renovations. The whole project turned out to be a nice do-it-yourself job that I got accomplished the first weekend of summer.