While decorating a home, sometimes you find you find yourself in the predicament of deciding whether to treat the windows with window coverings or to leave them plain. More often, window treatments are a needed for privacy, light control, or sometimes both. The need for privacy is most common, especially in our bedrooms and bathrooms. Light control can be desired in bedrooms and for rooms with television viewing, but it may also be necessary for spaces where direct sunlight can do damage. Harsh sunlight can cause fading and damage to interior furnishings, and that can be very costly to homeowners. In the case where window coverings are not needed at all, many homeowners still elect to decorate with window treatments for aesthetic reasons because they are the perfect interior accent. Window coverings can impact positively on the overall look of a room.

For example, in my case, the back of our home is totally private, so we really do not need any window coverings in the family room, kitchen or mud room. My husband likes the clean lines and architectural look of our moldings and wants to keep the windows plain. For me, I much prefer the warm look of fabric, and the texture and color we could add with even simple drapery panels or mock roman shades. Well, it has been six years since we have renovated and those windows are still bare. I have yet to tackle this window treatment dilemma, as I have had other more pressing projects. It could be a battle with hubby, but I am ready to take it on.

Here are the questions to consider when deciding if you should dress your windows.

Out of Necessity:

Do I need privacy?

Is the sun glaring in, will furnishings fade? Do I need light control?

Is it drafty? Will insulating fabrics help keep drafts out and reduce heat loss?

Aesthetic Reasons:

Will window treatments compliment and perhaps update existing decor?

Is the room too bare or does it lack warmth?

Do I want to change the look seasonally?

I hope this gets you to think about your own window treatment needs!