Humidity Resistant Blinds

Thinking of dressing up  your bare bathroom windows? worried about mildew  and warping with your blinds? Well let me tell you, a great way to go is with Blinds To Bo. Blinds To Go offers a variety  of humidity resistant blinds like the faux woods or the aluminum venetian blinds. Depending on your preference you’ll have a high percentage of satisfaction.

The faux woods have four different styles to choose from, the Classic, Wood tones, Ideal wood, and Air wood. The Classic is great if you are budget conscious and offers four colors. The Wood tone which is the second prince point on the list, offers a  greater range in whites  for someone for someone who has a tough time matching their white window frames. The third price point which is currently on sale offers a more natural look when it comes to the prints on the slats. The last price point which is my personal favorite is also on sale. The Air wood is great for those who have large windows. The Air comes with a designer valance and a trapezoid. It is the lightest out of all the blinds, ideal for those who likes to raise their blinds on a regular basis.

Feeling bold and looking for bright colors to match those tiles or that shower curtain? looking for an industrial look? The Softlook 6 and 8 blinds can’t be pass up. With a small head rail and easy pop in brackets they are sure to fit within your shallow frame. Whether you are a left handed or can only  reach that right corner of the window, the Softlook offers the option of switching up the cordlock and the tilting location. So the next time you think of blind, think Blinds To Go.