By: Karen

When I had first thought about blinds after buying my house , I figured, lets make this as easy as possible , do white blinds everywhere. Eventually I can add curtains, and decorate around the blinds – white matches everything. Although, once I ran this idea past a few of my friends, I didn’t feel so confident about my idea. It seems that the trend is to move away from doing curtains , which I am totally on board with, but if I stick with all boring white blinds, I might not have that option. The other side of the argument still stood , there are so many decisions and expenses that go into moving , how am I really going to tackle window treatments at the same time??

Luckily, I have some pretty smart friends. One of them introduced me to temporary shades , and they are exactly what they sound like , a temporary fix. They are sold at most home improvement stores, and are paper shades (they look pleated) they can either come in light filtering or room darkening. They have a big sticker at the top that can just stick up in your window, and while they come in standard sizes, they can be cut (with scissors) to fit into any of your windows. We bought a bunch and hung them when we first moved in, and they stayed up for a few months until I was able to make some real decorating decisions.

It gave me time to paint my rooms, make some final decisions on furniture, and really narrow down what window treatments might match in each room. In the end I chose pleated shades (not paper but fabric), because I really had liked the look of the temporary ones I had, but was able to choose different colors and patterns that complimented each room, and left a finished look, so I never had to add curtains. Turns out that white wasn’t really the solution I was looking for, I’m really happy with what I ended up buying!