Waste Not, Wants Not

Waste not wants not

A way to ensure your bathroom screams “eco-friendly” is to choose eco-friendly products, use less water and electricity. Using product that are eco- friendly might cost a bit to install, the amount that you’ll end up saving in terms of your utility bill will make up the cost of what you spent.

Once you have purchased all of the energy-friendly items that have inspired you to do your part for the environment, you might want to purchase products and accessories that will compliment this idea through the design of your bathroom. For instance, the frameless shower door is one of the ways that will bring nature into your own home, since it will feel as if you were showering out in the open, not in a small box like the traditional shower options.

Combining natural products with decor that follows clean lines in natural colors, you can instill a sense of nature in the room that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Colors have a strong impact on people’s emotions, and you can use them to your advantage to instill a sense of nature in the comfort of your own home. When you combine this with some fresh flowers or plants, you can complete the look and have your family members and guests think that they have just stepped outside the moment they walk into the bathroom.

Installing window treatment in the bath room will minimize the escape of heat and cut down on the use of electricity. Most energy efficient treatment are Cellular shades will definitely control your room temperature especially those early mornings and nights in the winter when the temperature outside is below freezing.

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