This time of year many people are redecorating their living rooms with a cozier feel for the winter. Layers!!!! Lots of layering will turn any living space from cold to warm. Begin by moving your existing furniture around. Changing the placement of the furniture gives your space a new look. Scented candles add to the essence of the room. You can purchase the candles in many sizes. Throw pillows of all shapes, sizes, and color will be your new best friend. You will want to place them on the sofa, love seat any seating area in the living room. Throw covers are another form of layering as well. Also, rugs always add warmth to a room. Layer two rugs under your coffee table or end table; even under your entertainment center. It seems like a lot. At the same time, it will look amazing.

If possible adding leather furniture whether it be a chair, a stool, and ottoman anything with leather in it or on it; will really warm things up. Something about soft leather in the winter time gives things a cozy feel. Sometimes plants or any greenery would also be an ideal addition. Plants help breathe life into a space. If you do not have much of a green thumb; cactuses or orchids are real easy plants to take care of. They also have a character. For a final touch in the living room. Adding a valance, a sheer curtain or even drapes to your windows will add an extra layer of warmth. Most importantly have fun and stay warm.