Think vertical blinds are dated? Think again! Verticals are actually great options for any size window or door. Because of their detachable system, verticals give you the ability to switch designs at your heart’s desire without making your wallet cry.

This Valentine’s Day, give any room in your home a holiday inspired feel by just freshening up your vertical blinds. You do not even need to get a whole new blind! Simply purchase slats (individual blind pieces) in the holiday colors red and white (or in your sweetheart’s favorite colors). Then mix and match them any way that you want (ex: alternating colors) and your done. When the shortest month of the year is over, you can simply remove the themed slats, wipe them down, and store them away for next year!

Want even more of a “heart-y” pop? Use red slats on the outer carriers of your vertical track and white slats for the inner carriers. This gives your verticals a pop of color in the middle of the blind. You can also reverse this set up by using the white slats on the inner carriers and the red slats for the outer carriers, giving your blind a visual curtain like affect that you can alter as many times as you like!

Vertical blinds also come in various patterns and textures. Consider blocking in a floral print with solid colored (red or white work nicely here) slats. There are several prints that could certainly bring out the Valentine’s Day spirit, especially those where the print is more obvious than abstract.

By: Gina G