Seeing the View with Sunweaves

It’s a beautiful warm and breezy Saturday summer morning, you’re sitting at the breakfast table in the cottage, and the fresh smell of recently brewed coffee surrounds you. You breathe in the smell deeply, you feel the warmth from the mug in your hands, and inhale intensely after each sip of fragrant French roast.  You smile and look up from the mug, squinting unpleasantly, trying to see what would normally be the beautiful image of the lake through your large picture window that just happens to get the full, hot, blasting, east sun in the morning hours.

Does that sound familiar? A lot of us do not realize that there is a solution for that.  There is definitely a way to get the award winning view without the unpleasant glare that can sometimes accompany the beauty of what’s around us.  Sun weaves are a practical product that can be used in almost all applications from corporate offices, to restaurants and cafes, or in any residential setting.  They come in a variety of colours, weaves, textures and styles and can be placed appropriately to compliment any style of decor.

The greatest part is that when the shade is drawn down to protect from the sun, you can still see the view through the product, it looks like a simple screening masking the landscape, but your able to see all of its glory.  Although this product is not made for night time privacy, meaning people may see in if the lights are on inside with the shade drawn down, but it will give you the effect of privacy against eyes from outside during the day, all while making sure you do not miss the view from inside.

Sun weaves are a style of roller shade that is designed to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun, which can damage wooden floor s and furniture, fade or disintegrate fabrics and carpets, all while significantly cutting down the glare that makes us squint at the bright light coming in.  Being that the sun weaves help to withstand UV rays, there is a noticeable amount of heat reduction when these shades are drawn down, meaning, it helps to keep out that hot summer heat.

So when you’re looking forward to waking up at the cottage to see that incredibly striking sight, located just outside, keep in mind that with this product, you will actually be able to see it, and better yet, to appreciate it.