By: Erica

Thought this would be a good topic to talk about since I’m not a big fan of vertical blinds, but understand they are more realistic for my sliding door and large picture windows. I’ve figured out a few solutions and quick fixes that made me realize my own patience is really the problem rather than the verticals themselves. I know I’m not the only one that thinks vinyl vanes are a waste of money because they always break at the top and fall off the track. When those pieces do break I am either trying to scotch tape them back on or flipping them and taking my office hole puncher and creating another hole so I can hang the damn things. So let’s start with resolving this problem first.

Before we get into how to fix the hole, I’m going to warn you to draw your vertical blinds away from the opening of the door or window. The vanes should not be blowing in the wind because it will cause them to become more brittle. If you are keeping your verticals in the way of the opening, do not expect them to be hanging for too long , the hole is not that big , so it is delicate. That is the number one cause in my home when the vanes break and fall off. The second reason they break is due to pulling, tugging, and turning of the slats. The track comes with either a wand or if you’re lucky a more sturdy chain that controls it sliding or tilting. This is the only part you should be pulling on to move the vanes. I understand that some people have children and pets, which can sometimes be out of your control. So if they do break you can either replace the vanes all together – you can buy them individually or you can buy what they call a “vane saver”. Believe me, those little clips save me a lot of frustration. A vane saver is a metal clip that slides over the top of the vane to reinforce the hole. Now, this metal clip is not meant for you to put on all of the vanes hanging on your track. It is meant only to repair pieces that are broke, the metal can cause more tension on the track when tilting and sliding to prevent the track from working which would cause bigger issues!

Onto problem number two with solution to follow. Besides the vanes breaking and falling off, the bigger issue I would have was the track eventually not working. What I mean by not working is it would either not tilt, only partially tilt, or be completely stuck in the closed position. This is by far the most annoying issue I’ve dealt with. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on since the track was less than 3 years old. So a friend of mine who also has vertical blinds showed me a trick to avoid me lugging this 80″ track back to the store to get repaired. With vertical blinds, they have to overlap in a certain direction upon installation for them to tilt or slide properly. Now with doors opening, walking by the verticals, wind blowing can cause the pieces to get out of alignment. This causes the verticals to not open or tilt properly. So what you have to do is, make sure they are all overlapping in the same direction and test to see if that opens them. If that does not work, overlap them in the opposite direction because its possible that over time you started overlapping incorrectly.

These are two main issues I have with verticals that once you know how to fix, you’ll learn to love them for what they do. If you’re still having issues, hopefully you have a Lifetime Warranty like me!