By: Sai
If verticals are really extinct why are there so many choices? Why are there so many colors? Why are there so many patterns and options? Why can I get them with a backing? I just do not understand this is a confusing matter. Why are people still buying them? I was watching tv and on  they were saying how verticals are an out dated look.  They say out there that it’s an old lady look with the floral patterns. When they are plain they portray more of an office look. To add to this supposedly they can be loud when the wind blows them left to right and they break easily at the top.

When I was growing up my mom put verticals all over the house in every window and they fit every purpose she wanted. They were vinyl so they were  an easy maintenance curtain. When we cleaned all we did was pull them down used soap and water and called it a day. I remember her telling us that when she had fabric curtains they were a pain in the neck. To have to pull them down wash them dry them and all that mess. That was too much work. I remember her saying what kind of blind  do you know of that can tilt like a horizontal and truly allow you to control the light and at the same time, slide it open from the middle and still have a curtain look. What other blind can you think of really makes sense for a sliding door? Anyone stand up and tell me. A vertical can come at that size and they work with my door not against it. A vertical will slide to the left it will slide to the right. On a bigger picture,  guess what I ended up putting on the window? Of course, a vertical! I did a fabric one to soften the room and the way the light shines through the pattern looks phenomenal. Phenomenal I tell you.

Next time anyone tells you that verticals are extinct, pose all these questions to them and see what they respond. I will tell you that I am 1000 percent sure that they will say verticals. So listen to the critics no longer. Please stand up for verticals and say no more. Verticals are a true pioneer we have been around for centuries I will not go away sliding door picture windows you need us. World you need us accept it!!!!