Versatility of cellular shades

By: Dominic

Cellular shades make for a great product for a home owner/renter who is interested in doing a whole house with one type of product for their window treatments. When shopping for blinds many people can become overwhelmed with all the different styles of blinds and shades. Trying to pick different styles and colors for particular rooms can be time consuming and difficult. The versatility of cellular shades is perfect for this type of home owner.

The shades have a nice contemporary and clean-cut look to them which is becoming a very popular choice with newer homes and designers. They also have many different colors available which can make finding the right fit for a difficult room very easy. These shades that can come in a large variety of colors also always have a white back to them which creates uniformity from the outside of the house. Their unique honeycomb design makes them one of the best sources for window insulation which in turn will create a huge savings in energy costs. They are made from a cloth material that allows light to come through them while still providing you with full privacy, but if the light is a problem there are also blackout options available. There are also options for child safety such as cordless shades. They also have the option of opening from the top down which is very popular. The shades low profile head rail is designed to fit into even the most difficult window types and sizes including arches and skylights.

As you can see these shades would make a great choice for anyone and with winter right around the corner it would be a good idea to pick up one of these energy saving window treatments. The product is also affordable and has easy installation. There is no way that you can go wrong with cellular shades!

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