By: Karen

After recently buying new crank out windows, and getting them installed , I realized I was going to have a hard time finding window treatments. The issue was, the old blinds that I had, which were 2 wood slats, were far too thick to fit inside of my window frame , and I personally do not enjoy the way blinds look when they are mounted outside of the window , at least if there is any choice whatsoever. Being that our windows had about an 1 ΒΌ depth, it seemed that there was the option of finding something that would work.

Of course, because I am picky, I decided, I did not want anything that was sticking out at all. Even though the salespeople told me I had a lot of options of things that would mount, work properly, and look normal , I did not want to see any mechanism hanging out. Apparently this really limited me , to the dreaded aluminum or vinyl 1 blinds. Being the reasonable person I can sometimes be, I laughed at the person that suggested it, and said I would continue looking. Turns out , cellulars, pleateds, even rollers would stick out! Perhaps I should start to be more open-minded.

When the 1 blinds had first been suggested, all I could picture was the plain white slats that my mom and grandma had always hung behind their curtains. The same blinds, that no matter how hard they tried to clean, always looked either gray from the dust or yellow from the sunlight. Well, as many things in the last ten to twenty years, it seems that mini blinds have matured quite a bit. Not only were there a large variety of colors beyond white, there were different textures, patterns, and prints!

Vinyl did seem a lot more limited, so I narrowed it down to aluminum, and based on my criteria , I wanted neutral, and I wanted something that wouldn’t show too much dust. I settled on a sand, white, and tan cobblestone like texture. They really looked amazing once I hung them up, and my mom actually asked where they were from so she could start updating too!