Having multiple bedrooms are great, it allows you to have a spare bed when friends or family visits. But the best part about them is to have multi-functional rooms. When doing something like this it is important you do not alienate the space and make it unusable. You want to think what is the purpose of the room? Does it make sense? And how will it be used in everyday life?

When thinking about the purpose of the room you want to keep in mind that this room will have a split purpose a Guestroom and a what? Some of my favorite are combined this room to make a craft room or an office these functions allow you to split the purpose of the room in a great way while not making your guest feel like they are staying in a random room on a random bed. This is so because with a craft room or an office you are still able to normal bedding and side table in a room while having enough space to perform the secondary function. With the space requirement of an at home office isn’t a lot, while a craft room can take up a the whole room or even a few rooms (depending on how much you love to DIY) most of it is storable and you can use a table that you could also store away or allow to be used by your guest when they come.

Guest rooms are great because the fact that they are used only for its intended purpose when someone comes. What you do not want to happen though is to use it as just Extra Storage that is because it really isn’t if you want to be able to house a guest this room shouldn’t be looked at as a spot holder you should keep it in your weekly life so you do not just use it as storage and forget about it until it’s too late, because you will need to find room for that stuff or your guest will feel like they are staying in a closet.