By: Karen


When we originally built our sunroom 5 years ago, we spent a lot of money building and landscaping around the area in the backyard. We bought some great furniture, and then realized how over budget we were on the project.  And we hadn’t bought blinds to cover the six sliding doors yet.

Needless to say, there was a ton of sunlight on each side of the sunroom, so we set out to cover them in the cheapest way we possibily could.  We ended up with the world’s ugliest, flimsy white vinyl verticals that we bought off the shelf, that fit “almost” perfect.  They served their purpose, but instead of just cutting down on the light, they blocked most of the light out completely.  And, did I mention, they were hideous.

Today, we have saved up some money and my husband and I decided to tackle the project again.  We are going to stick with the verticals, as they do seem to be the best option, because of how they open and close and slide from side to side. We are also opting to have them custom made, and have a professional come out and measure, and install them to insure that they will look like they were designed to fit our room. This time I want something that just cuts down on the light, and doesn’t eliminate it completely.

Being that we have all warm tans and browns, a vertical that picks up on those natural colors would work well.  I found a vertical called Foliage that hasa natural looking weave with browns, oranges, and tans woven together.  It really picked up up on several colors in the room.

We got them installed yesterday, and it’s amazing how it really transformed the look of the room.  It matches, and lets light filter through softly.  I guess I learned my lesson about budgeting for a project in the future!