It seems like a lot of people frown upon vinyl verticals. They say things like, “They are old fashion” or “My parents had them on the sliding door back in the 80’s” and “They look cheap”. My response to these stereotypes has always been that our vertical blinds are just simply nothing like your typical “mom and pop” verticals.


Probably one of our more popular styles. Silk definitely has the look and almost the feel of silk. The horizontal lines give the blind a fabric look without the fabric price; coming in a assortment of colors, such as Raintree Green, Decorators White, Onyx(ie. black), Creamy White(a light beige), Dellwood Sand(a tan), and Kendall Charcoal(a deep gray) to accent or match any room. And for those who do not particularly care for the verticals on smaller windows, this style also comes in a two in horizontal blind. Matching any adjacent windows close to your bay or sliding glass door to offer a consistent look throughout the room.


Soho other very popular style, not so much for its pattern or texture, but for its S-curve shape. This is a favorited style among those who want to dress up their window but do not want to add any additional window treatments. Open or closed the S-shape of the blind gives the window a elegant curtain affect offering a added flare of class to your home.

With the unique and well designed patterns of our vinyl verticals, most people think our vinyls are actually fabrics and thus change their perceptions of the verticals. So, once I coax the customer into taking a look at our vinyl collection they almost always find something they love.