By: Karen

We just got back from our summer vacation, a fabulous adventure to the Caribbean. We stayed in a resort right on the beach, where we had our own private cabana right on the beach. It was perfect, we had our own front porch looking over the water, and we woke up to the view right outside the windows. Clearly, we didn’t want to leave. I was however inspired to make over our bedroom to look like a tropical getaway, so we could bring a little bit of the feeling of vacation home (even though we definitely do not have the ocean outside our window).

The major elements I wanted to copy from the room were its feeling of openness, relaxation, and that it was beyond comfortable. I started with the walls , an awful shade of dark blue, and repainted them a very pale, relaxing teal , it almost looked white during the day. I also got to take the opportunity to get new furniture; we had never replaced the mismatched pieces we had moved in with a few years earlier. I chose a white bedroom set, which had clean lines, and closely resembled what they had at the beach. I got some accessories and bedding that tied the white and brought in some brighter shades of teal.

For the window treatments, it seemed that bamboo shades would be the way to go. There were a lot of natural wood colors, but I really didn’t want to introduce any new colors, so I decided on a white painted bamboo shade. The good thing was that it was very similar to the shades that they had at the beach, but since we do require more sleep normally, I opted to get them lined with a blackout lining that would allow us to sleep in if needed. (It’s one thing to get awakened in the morning by the sun on the beach, it’s another to get awakened in everyday life).

Once all of the elements were finished, the room really did feel like our own tropical getaway. I never thought about the idea of my own bedroom as a getaway from my everyday life, but I’m convinced I even sleep better now!