Transforming Old To New

With summer fast approaching, here are a couple more ideas on how to transform something old to something new.

1. Turn a Simple Basket into an Accent Piece

Upgrade a woven basket with leather rope, wood beads and homemade tassels for a sample, inexpensive revamp. The color-coordinated beads and tassels add a touch of charm to cheer up any room in your home.

2. Give a Side Table a Game Night Upgrade

Add a little fun to the function of an all black table painting a checker board on it. Painted wooden discs, also decorated yourself, serve as checkers. Why wait for game night? This table is ready to play whenever the mood hits.

3. Craft Your Own Clutter-Free Coffee Bar

Keep coffee cups, K-cups, and accessories organized by transforming a small area of your kitchen into a coffee bar. A rail system paired with S hooks houses your coffee mug collection. Re-purpose a low-profile bookshelf into a storage space for your coffee maker, french press or sets of shaped sugars and place it below your hanging coffee cups. Everything you need for your next cup of caffeinated comfort is on hand right when you want it.