By: Brenna

When giving a kitchen a simple face lift, an easy and budget friendly way would be to switch out your window treatments. The style and color of the blinds or shades can really affect how the room looks as well as the light exposure from the sun.Since most cabinets and counter tops are chosen in a neutral or earth tone, it is often a good idea to use the window coverings as a way to introduce a pop of color.
Most people tend to stay away from bold tones, so a popular choice would be a green color. Generally a light green, even a pastel treatment can give the right amount of personality and interest. Since green is also an earth tone, it goes well with the other elements of the kitchen. Also, with a lighter hue, the room will stay sunny and cozy, even when the treatment is pulled down.

Sage green works wonderfully no matter what trim color you have. It compliments a white frame as well as something on the other end of the spectrum such as a dark mahogany. Not to mention, switching from a neutral tone to a color can help bring out other colors in the room.
Whether it is a speck in the counter top or the metallic color of the stainless steel, the room will end up with a sparkling new atmosphere. Your friends and family will think you have a whole new kitchen!