It’s that time of the year again; it’s time to add some spring touches to your home and even your vacation homes. With it being springtime and summer rolling around, it’s time to decorate your home to get more in tune with the season. Right now floral patterns are what’s in this season to give your home the perfect spring touch. A lot of homes today, whether it’s your vacation home or all season homes, are built with patio doors. I know some people think verticals are pretty dated and old fashioned, but with the new patterns and designs that are coming out, they do not look as bad as you think. In fact, I have a vertical style in mind that would add the perfect floral touch to your home, just in time for spring.

Coventry is one of our floral patterns that screams spring and would be perfect for summer too. This vertical is a vinyl (which would be very easy to clean), with large visible flowers all around them. The shape of the flowers reminds me of palm trees, which would be perfect for beach or vacation homes. It makes you think vacation when you look at them. This style comes in oyster, which is a cream color; cobalt which is blue, it’s not quite navy or light blue, it’s in the middle and lastly emerald, which is a dark green close to a hunter green. I would say this style is perfect if you want to make a statement on your patio door, the floral designs are huge and the colors are loud.

Now I know what you are wondering, “What colors are going to go well if I chose emerald or cobalt?” This can be a bit tricky but I can make this a little bit easier for you. I look at cobalt and emerald to be accent colors. These colors would go well in a room that has neutrals such as white, antique, beige or cream. You can take a risk and match the vertical colors with different shades of the color you chose. For example, if you choose Cobalt, I would match that with light blue walls and/or accents and the same with emerald. If you are scared to take the risk, you will be fine keeping your walls as neutral as possible they would look great! Whichever home you decide to put Coventry in, all season or vacation home, these verticals would be perfect to look at to remind you of spring or summer!

By Nariah K