Window shades are the central air of decorating. It’s a luxury that you do not always need, but when you have it, it works! They can provide both modern and elegant looks depending on the style you would like to achieve. Window shades are also an excellent solution for light control! Such as light filtering, where it offers privacy while allowing soft sunlight to diffuse through the fabric of your window shades and illuminate the room. Or blackout, which blocks all sunlight from coming through your window shade and provides complete privacy for undisturbed sleep.

Roller Shades

Roller shades complement any design look whether it’s traditional or contemporary.  The simple, minimalist design of roller shades has the ability to disappear completely when pulled up to give a full view of the outdoors and can be easily transformed into a dressy look by adding another treatment over it such as drapery.

Woven Shades

The rich and distinctive textures of natural woven wood shades add elegance to any room. Choose between versatile and neutral tones and designs hand-crafted from jute, woven grasses, bamboo, or reeds for an organic look.  Woven shades are made from natural, renewable resources, making your window treatments environmentally-friendly.

Roman Shades

Harmony roman shades offer modern elegance that will transform any room. They come in three styles: flat, waterfall, and classic allowing you to create the perfect design touch. In addition, roman shades come in a variety of fabrics ranging from colors, patterns, and textures! The large selection helps provide you the most suitable décor that best complements your home.

Searching for the right window treatment can be a long task. Hopefully, these examples were helpful enough to ease your search. If not, you can also check out Cascade and Serenity shades as alternative options.