By: Aisha


I recently renovated my home by building a large sunroom, and cutting down a few trees in the backyard.  It has five large windows, and one slider door that transitions to an outdoor deck.  All of the windows run along the same side of the wall next to each other, and the door is located on the opposite wall in the corner of the room.


So my problem was I didn’t want to put up something that would look too heavy or weigh down the openness of the space.  I wanted my privacy but also a zen feel to the room. So I did a little research, and found out about a product called cellular shades. They are both lightweight and don’t have a lot of stacking. They also provide insulation (which can’t hurt with that many windows in the room).

I chose the option of cordless top down, bottom up 3/4 pleat light filtering cellulars; in the Rosemary Sprig color.  They look amazing. When


I don’t want them completely up due to need of privacy, I can simply lower them from the top and have direct light overhead, allowing some light to still moderately filter in through the bottom of the shade.  The light green color also compliments the natural earth tones I have onall of the furniture.  Overall I am very pleased with the product and the end result of the appearance of the room.