Simply imagine yourself on your own fantasy island; or if you’re lucky enough, look out your window to see emerald green water, the bubbling white of the waves crashing to the tan sandy beach and look up to the crisp blue sky. Now hold that vision and recreate that feeling into the decor of the room of your dreams.  The room of your dreams could be your bedroom or another part of the house you can put all your cares behind you.  To give those relax feelings you would want to imitate the color hues from the water, sky and sand. Use colors like soft blues, light greens, coral, and sand tones. The right color choice can really bring out any tropical decor. Be creative with bringing in natural artifacts. For example: sand, sea shells, rocks, coral and rope. This artifacts can be used as table decor or enhancing the border around an oversized mirror. Just adding a touch of accessories can make a plain- Jane room into a fancy ,Nancy. The awesome thing about decorating is not over doing it but having just enough to bring you to that peace of mind.  From a decorating point of view the best window treatment for creating a beach vacation house would be woven wood shades. Woven woods are also known as bamboo shades even though they are made out of a wide variety of materials including grasses, bamboo, ropes, wood planks and more. They offer a casual natural look which will compliment any beach themed decor. Just adding a few of these things can be a start to a vacation right at your finger tips without packing a bag!!!