Before having kids of my own, I worked as a swim instructor and in daycare. I was working with children, ages from six months all the way till fifteen years old. The swim lessons I would try to keep it entertaining by having little treats for the different holidays. One year I got everyone cute little pool/bath toys for Halloween,. They had to swim to the toy, as it floated in the pool. Older kids, I would hide the toys at the bottom of the pool, so they would have to dive under to get it.  In the classroom, we would have the kids make seasonal decorations, as well as the teachers.
When a particular holiday came around we would turn the classroom into a wonderland based on the specific theme. Back to school is always big. A lot of first timers, so you need to dress up the class to excite the kids. Make them want to wake up and come to school every morning. We would also use decorations as an “ice breaker”, having the kids make pictures or posters of their favorite activity or
vacation that happened over the summer break. We would have a projects for every child to create a name tag, to help personalize their special place in the room. During the holidays, like Halloween, we would turn everything into haunted objects by adding cob webs, spiders, ghosts, vampires, and etc. Then on Halloween, everyone would dress up and we would have a Halloween parade. Not only do we decorate for these popular holidays but also the holidays that not everyone recognizes, for instance October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Showing our support for the survivors in our lives or for anyone fighting the battle who is in need of the extra support. Regardless of the time of year there is always cute fun ideas you can do to help celebrate or get everyone involved. There is always a reason to decorate, you just need to find it within yourself to make it happen. Have a fun and safe holiday season!