By: Meghan


Fall- the air is as crisp as granny smith apples. The leaves have changed from green to gold, to russet, to pumpkin orange. We are bundling up, drinking hot cider, and some homes have that tell tale silver smoke coming from chimneys. We are warming our homes, our hearts are full, and soon our bellies will match. Loved ones will be flocking like geese soon to our homes- and oh no! Our tables are set with our finest china, with Autumn colored runners- in rich browns, greens, reds, yellows- we have our best silver- but our windows! So long basic vinyl and aluminum, items that we bought ions ago to cover windows, items that came with the house, things to put on windows, but things that do not have our touch, our signature! We need items to turn this house into a home!

Time to dress those windows up! Golden Romans or even a deep red, focusing on colors that match the ever changing leaves, oh the cornucopia of colors! We must match the elegance of our Grandmother’s table cloth as no lace table cloth should be without beautiful window coverings. Rich, warm browns with swirling leaf patterns or damask prints should be on those windows. Roman’s give that wonderful finished look, no need for curtains!

Look for mahogany wood blinds to match that table, or any color wood that goes with that dining room table, a table reserved for Holiday dinners with loved ones. Match your chairs with beautiful fabrics in place of strings. Upgrade to the fancier valance to match chair rails, curved feet of furniture or even for the extra elegance.

Another option are rollers in rustic patterns. Colors of the foliage, with beautiful woven materials. These boast a range of colors that look like the harvest, all within one shade!

Make your windows as cheerful as your spirits, give them life, make your room glow. For tis the season of Thanksgiving and what better way than a room filled with those that we love, that make this house a home. A room that is something to give thanks for, complete with beautiful, spirited window treatments that could fit in a Norman Rockwell painting. So toast with your family to a great season! This house is now your home!