By: Sai

Everyone has a budget it doesn’t matter who they are. It could be from a multibillionaire to an ordinary Joe. We as individuals always put a monetary value on what we feel is important to us. For example, I have friends who will go out and buy every new video game that comes out no matter the cost, but will not buy a pair of shoes that cost more than ten dollars. So when shopping in the blind world here are some tips to follow that will help you in your investment:

  1.  Understand you Budget. When shopping understand what you are really trying to spend on your window treatments. If you are doing your whole house get a total cost of what you want to spend. Then allocate it properly. For example tell yourself, in my living room, which is a focal room I’m willing to spend more but in my guest bedroom I want something inexpensive. This way you will truly getting what is best for you. Same model can be used for those doing one room at a time.
  2. Understand what you want your blinds to do for you. When looking for a blind you should know what your reasoning for wanting that specific blind. For instance, if you are doing your bedroom and you want room darkening do not just go out and look for room darkening blinds because they are all over the place. For example the best blinds for room darkening are blackout cellular shades but they can be very expensive.  Why not look at a vinyl roller shade? They do a really good job, or a pleated shade with a liner?  They have a similar look, are still room darkening, and cost less.
  3. Understand that there are always alternatives. Most people looking for blinds have an idea in mind but do not pay attention to the fact that there is always a cheaper alternative to what they are looking for. You see the trick is always being able to pick out what is important. There are plenty of examples for these. For example if you want real wood blinds a cheaper alternative off the bat is faux wood, they tend to be about 10-15 % less off the bat. Another example is if you want one inch slat blinds, you can go from least expensive vinyl mini blinds to the most expensive one inch real wood. A popular product everyone seems to want is roman shades because they are dressy finished and come with a valance. You can get a similar look at about half the cost when doing a roller shade in the same fabric with the different choices in valances.

So you see when using these three things as your model when going blind shopping, your shopping experience will be a lot easier. At the end of the day custom blinds can fit anyone’s budget.  You just have to make sure you can balance what you want versus what you need.