Time to Warm Up


It’s getting darker earlier, staying darker later in the mornings, there’s no more denying it , fall is officially here.  And right around the corner is another New England winter.  Now that all of the fun summer stuff has been put away, it is time to think about warming up the house again.  And, doing it on a budget is always important.

The best way to keep out the cold is to get new windows.  Of course, this is an expensive option and usually out of the budget (especially with the holidays just ahead).  So, the next best option is covering those windows and blocking out the cold.  Most home improvement stores sell plastic window covering, which can easily be attached to block out the draft.  The only down side to this solution is that the plastic covering is not all that attractive.

A more attractive option would be to get new curtains. There are a variety of different style curtains available, but generally side panels, or panels that can be pulled across the window are the most effective.  They create a barrier around your window treatment and prevent the air from seeping in around the edges.  The panels that pull across can give an added layer of warmth and even give the room a cozy feeling.

A third option, slightly more expensive than the curtains would be to add blinds.  Honeycomb shades are the most popular style as they are designed for insulation (two layers of fabric that create an air pocket), but any shades will help.  By blocking out the air flow into the room, you can eliminate a lot of the draft coming in.  Roman and roller shades will both help with the issue , but honeycomb shades would be our number one recommendation.  Good luck keeping warm this winter!