By Karen E.


Winter’s over! It’s finally that time of year to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. One of the most popular sellers this time of the year are window coverings for sliding glass doors.  Most of the time in the winter, you are trying to cut down on the doors people are tracking the snow and mud into, so they do not get used, and once spring rolls around, people start to realize how worn out the slats are, or that pieces of the track have been lost along the way.

And, every person that walks in dreads the vertical blinds. They ask what is the new, trendy alternative.  We have other options of course, which we show them, two roller shades side by side, or a cellular shade with one railing and two shades, but the majority of people do not like the fact that you can’t move those side to side, and end up back at the vinyl vertical blinds.  The good thing is, over the last ten years verticals have come a long way.

They still of course come in the standard, plain colors, but there are also a lot with more modern textures that look more like a fabric, and appear a lot softer in design.  The newest trend with the verticals is the S-curve style, where they overlap more like a curtain.  And there a lot of different patterns.  Floral patterns are a big trend in home fashion this spring, and you can chose from a few different vertical blinds that bring in a floral print in either a neutral color, or a more bold color.

All in all, once you get it up on your door, it means spring is here and you can finally let in the fresh air. Enjoy!