Blinds and shades have made a giant leap into the 21st century recently with the trend of the cordless option.    In today’s modern times of child safety and clean/sleek looks, cordless is a much sought after option many people look for in today’s window treatments.

Cordless blinds and shades provide many advantages over their older models of strings and chains. Clean look and less clutter are something most people are looking for in recent times. Providing a modern look to their home or living space is a common request among consumers.  Cordless provides this and much more with the elimination of extra items hanging in your window, and making the process of using the blinds and shades easier, by having less variables in which to make them function.

Child safety is another issue that the cordless option addresses, by having less items hanging and appealing to small children.  A loop cord in which a child could seriously hurt themselves or worse, is also eliminated, and with it a lot of parents worries about what their children are getting into when unsupervised.

Cordless serves multiple purposes whether you want a clean modern look, or a safe option for your young ones.  Hence why it is one of the most requested options among consumers today.

By Steven M.