Sliding glass doors and large windows are wonderful additions to any home. They allow us beautiful natural light and outside scenery, and when weather appropriate, a nice breeze. However, when we need privacy and light control, they can cause a dilemma on how to cover them. Sure, you have your usual suspect in verticals. Verticals are the classic solution to covering large windows and slider doors. As they are the “go to” option, you have a choice between fabric or vinyl material accompanied by a host of other options such as style, valances, and opening types. And although some may consider them dated, due the variety of style options, vertical blinds are still viable. However, what if you want something different, something new?

There are some other options. You could opt for panel tracks which are large panels of fabric that slide back and forth. Unlike verticals that have a number of slats and can be challenging with pets and kids, panels are a bit more durable. They present a great alternative to verticals and are offered in a variety of fabric choices including natural materials like bamboo. Unfortunately, they do not tilt like verticals do and therefore decrease you ability to control the light and privacy in your room. And, while they are a worthy alternative to verticals, some consider them bulky. They also can block a good portion of your view when stacked together. If neither verticals nor panel tracks strike your fancy, you might’ve been left with choosing a large shade or curtains to cover your sliding door or large window. Fortunately for you, there is another newer alternative, the Vertical Sheers.

The lure of the Vertical Sheers is that it combines the benefits of the aforementioned treatments and offers a modern, soft, and beautiful option for larger windows and doors. Like verticals, they maintain your tilt ability with soft curtain-like panels (no more noise from vinyl slats). And, although they do have panels, unlike panel tracks, they are much smaller (more similar to the width of a vertical vane). In addition to their small panel sizes, the Vertical Sheers is offered with opening options (even center opening to resemble that of a curtain) and a valance to complete the look. You can also use the Vertical Sheers to accompany the sheer shades that cover your smaller windows. So, while verticals are classics and panels are good options, the Vertical Sheers with its combining of the softness of shades and curtains with the function of blinds, is certainly worth considering!

By Gina G.