Thanksgiving Entertainment


You may think that providing food for your guests is all of the entertainment you need, but when you take a step back and realize there will be a bunch of children attending the holiday this year – it’s time to plan some basic entertainment for the kids as well! Try to plan a couple activities that the kids can enjoy on their own – so the adults can have time to relax and catch up, and plan a couple activities that can get the parents involved after eating as well.

– Coloring Place Mats – Regardless of the age of your kids, sit them at a table with crayons and something to color on – and they will stay entertained for at least a little while. The good thing about this activity is that it is perfect to do before food is served because you can tell them they are helping to get the table ready. Depending on the size of your party, you can even have the kids decorate place mats for all of the adults as well.

– Turkey Puppets – Along the same lines of allowing them to be creative, have the kids design their own brown bags (think lunch bag size) as a turkey! Depending on their ages, you can give them different things to decorate with as well. After they finish decorating, have them write the one thing they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Not only will it keep them busy – but it will be a fun keepsake too.

– Cookie Decorating – Usually cookies are reserved for Christmas, but why not change things up. Bake up a bunch of sugar cookies before any of your guests have arrived, and after dinner set up an area where the kids can decorate their own cookies. Frosting, candies, and sprinkles are all they will need for a fun treat!

— Flag Football – After eating wayyyy too much food on a holiday, getting up and getting moving is a great way to wear off some of that energy for the kids – and maybe wake up some of the adults too! Remember, its meant to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously, and cater the game to the youngsters of the crowd so they can have fun too!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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