By: Erica

For several reasons, cordless window treatments are said to be easier to maintain through time than those with cords. Let us find out what the advantages are of using cordless shades.

1. Easier to use. Most window treatments have the tendency of developing loose and dangling cords which makes them harder to use over time. Unlike cordless blinds, they only need a push to open and a pull downward to close. As to the maintenance aspect, cordless blinds only require very minimal effort and time. Also, you have the option to position the blinds to whatever height you prefer.

2. Much safer for little children and home pets. Children at home are always prone to playing on things that can be found all over the house, including window treatments. If the window treatments you have are with cords, there is a small risk that the children may wrap the lengthy cords all over their neck or maybe their playmates’ neck. Note that the more you open your blinds, the more that the cords will hang. In other words, cordless treatments are much safer giving you a feeling that your children won’t hurt nor injure themselves. The same is true for your loveable pets at home. What you have eliminated actually is the entanglement hazard to anyone or anybody in the house.

3. Clean and attractive look. Less cords means your window treatments can be more of a home styling decoration and not just mere window coverings. Over time, all the cords will become so messy-looking and yet you cannot simply pull them out and change or wash them.

The only downfall to cordless shades is the price! Such a luxury and safety consideration comes with a price. So expect to pay at least $40 to $50 more on top of the treatment cost due to this needy feature if you fall into the categories above.