woven woods

woven woods

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Endless Options For Your Sunroom!


By: RhiannonSateen White Roller

There are so many ways to decorate your sunroom! Just by changing or adding blinds or shades you can transform drab and dreary to fun and exciting!
For instance, if you like the look of shutters and want a cottage feel but find they are a little out of your budget, you can opt for 2″ faux wood blinds instead. Faux wood is durable, easy to clean and can withstand heat & humidity, a great alternative! 
Or, say you want to go tropical to accent that new hot tub you just got, just by adding woven woods you could go from everyday sunroom to a tropical oasis. 

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Authentic Bamboo is Perfect in the Summer Home

By: DominicRL-miami_esp-019_cmyk
I have a summer home that sits on beach front property where I spend most of my time in the summer. The house has a sun room that actually has the beach right next to it. I can see the ocean from the room and I was not planning on loosing that view but I really needed something to break up the sun in the afternoon. The room has four double windows and I had wanted to put something natural with a beach feel to it on them.
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Natural looking Roller Shades For the Porch

By: Dominicborneospice_beauty_001

I have a fully enclosed porch in the front left corner of my home with four double hung windows. The sun room is always nice and bright, but I was looking to obtain some privacy in the room because after all the room does face the street and the people walking by don’t need to see everything that goes on in there. I knew that there were plenty of options that i had to choose from so I decided that I would stop by a showroom to help me out.

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Natural Never Looked So Good

By: AishaWV-trinidad_cocoa

I recently did some construction in my yard, in which, I trimmed some of my trees down. The great point about that was that it opened up the yard and created extra space, but the drawback to doing that is now my neighbors can see into my backyard sunroom. The room itself has a total of two windows and across from them is a glass pained white wooden door. The decor of the room is all natural light wood. The walls are a beige stucco . Keeping this theme in mind I decorated the area with a small light brown love seat and accompanying coffee table. Next to that I also have a Flat screen TV set up with surround sound. The reason I did this was because I wanted to have an entertainment room that would allow for comfort indoors but with an outdoor feel.

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All Nat-Ur-Al -Woven Shades

By: Erica

Nature loving people enjoy many natural things like indoor plants, eco friendly products and the exceptional woven wood shades. The reason is simple for their popularity; it is economical and environment friendly and can control the light intensity and heat as well. Woven shades are made of natural materials like bamboo, thin wooden planks, straws, grass, Jutes, rattan, reeds and matchsticks which are later woven together to form a large sheet. Most people think it is a Roman style, which is true but Romans were not the first, Asia had also played a part in woven shade styles. Usually woven shades were used in Japan, either to cover an entrance or to separate private rooms of males and females. Poor people in the place of the door would use a large bamboo or a reed shade to place it as a “door” to their house. Depending on the thickness of the shade, they can be completely opaque, semi-transparent or translucent.

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