Authentic Bamboo is Perfect in the Summer Home

By: Dominic I have a summer home that sits on beach front property where I spend most of my time in the summer. The house has a sun room that actually has the beach right next to it. I can see the ocean from the room and I was not planning on loosing that view […]

Natural looking Roller Shades For the Porch

By: Dominic I have a fully enclosed porch in the front left corner of my home with four double hung windows. The sun room is always nice and bright, but I was looking to obtain some privacy in the room because after all the room does face the street and the people walking by don’t […]

Natural Never Looked So Good

By: Aisha I recently did some construction in my yard, in which, I trimmed some of my trees down. The great point about that was that it opened up the yard and created extra space, but the drawback to doing that is now my neighbors can see into my backyard sunroom. The room itself has […]

Sunny Summer Days

By: Dominic I have a summer home on the cape that I purchased early this spring. I was just finishing up all the odds and ends that needed to be done around the place and one of my last projects to get done was window treatments for the sunroom. The sunroom is in the back […]

Natural Sunroom

By: Kim My husband and I recently decided to convert our sunroom into a meditation space. We get a lot of harsh sunlight on the back of the house so we needed something to cut out the glare.  The furniture is very simple white wicker and the floor is a dark wood. We had just […]

All Nat-Ur-Al -Woven Shades

By: Erica Nature loving people enjoy many natural things like indoor plants, eco friendly products and the exceptional woven wood shades. The reason is simple for their popularity; it is economical and environment friendly and can control the light intensity and heat as well. Woven shades are made of natural materials like bamboo, thin wooden […]

Woven Woods – A New Green Option??

By:  Karen Through the process of redecorating my home, I have been extremely focused on the “green approach.” I have invested in energy-efficient appliances throughout the house, used no VOC paints, changed all of the light bulbs to warm white LED bulbs, and even purchased recycled carpet tiles for flooring.  Clearly, my goal is to […]