woven shades

woven shades

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Natural Shades

When designing a room, one must never neglect the windows. Windows are a staple in every household. It’s a simple hole in a wall that allows natural light to come in and brighten your home the NATURAL way. And what better way to keep your space as “natural” as possible, but to use Naturally Woven or Natural looking shades!

These shades come in all types of colors, textures, and patterns. The first, and most well-known, are the Natural Woven Wood Shades. They look and operate like a Roman shade does, but give off almost a tropical vibe. They are certainly a statement piece to any room decor. The great thing about these types of shades as well is that they can be as light filtering or room darkening as you’d like. A Woven Wood shade is typically made of bamboo, grasses or small pieces of wood, allowing light to pass through while still giving you some privacy, although minimal with no liner. This is why using a light filtering liner is a good option, because you can still get natural light but also maintain complete privacy. You can also opt to go with a complete blackout liner so you can use these unique shades in a bedroom or home theater space! 

There are also Naturally Inspired Roller Shades, which are actually fabric made to look like a natural woven wood. These are great if you need something a bit easier to clean or maintain. The fabric is generally treated and a bit more stiff so it won’t collect dust like woven wood shades can. If you want that natural look but are on a budget, this is a great option as well. The natural looking fabrics are sometimes as much as half the cost of the woven wood shades since those typically use the bamboo which can get more costly. Most of the naturally inspired fabric shades are light filtering, so it is important to always check how the shade will look in your household and to ensure you will get the amount of light and privacy you require.

The best news is that regardless of which shade you decided to choose for your space, your windows will look like a million bucks and everyone will be asking you about where you got them and maybe even if you can come decorate their house too! 

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Paradise in Your Home

By: Nariah K.


It’s getting warmer and warmer by the day, so it’s time to get the family together and migrate to your family beach house. Before you do that, you have some decorating to do. What better way to dress up your beach house by putting some new shades up, such as woven woods? Woven woods are the perfect accessories for your window and can make your home feel comfortable and cozy just like the beach. These shades would fit perfect for homes with natural, earthy, or tropical decor. No one woven wood looks the same, each specific shade has it’s own look, making the woven woods the most unique shades we have.

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Earth Tones: Outside In!

By Gina G.


One of my favorite color palettes is earth tone.  I love utilizing the colors we find outside in nature to decorate the insides of homes.  I especially appreciate the contrast that earth tones allow.  In particular, I enjoy contrasting greens, reds, and browns.  For instance, having light colored greens contrasting deep, dark browns with accenting reds, or any combination of this really can bring a relaxing warmth to any room.

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Tis the Season to make this House a Home

By: Meghan


Fall- the air is as crisp as granny smith apples. The leaves have changed from green to gold, to russet, to pumpkin orange. We are bundling up, drinking hot cider, and some homes have that tell tale silver smoke coming from chimneys. We are warming our homes, our hearts are full, and soon our bellies will match. Loved ones will be flocking like geese soon to our homes- and oh no! Our tables are set with our finest china, with Autumn colored runners- in rich browns, greens, reds, yellows- we have our best silver- but our windows! So long basic vinyl and aluminum, items that we bought ions ago to cover windows, items that came with the house, things to put on windows, but things that don’t have our touch, our signature! We need items to turn this house into a home!

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Natural looking Roller Shades For the Porch

By: Dominicborneospice_beauty_001

I have a fully enclosed porch in the front left corner of my home with four double hung windows. The sun room is always nice and bright, but I was looking to obtain some privacy in the room because after all the room does face the street and the people walking by don’t need to see everything that goes on in there. I knew that there were plenty of options that i had to choose from so I decided that I would stop by a showroom to help me out.

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Sunny Summer Days

By: Dominic007_barcelona_java_010

I have a summer home on the cape that I purchased early this spring. I was just finishing up all the odds and ends that needed to be done around the place and one of my last projects to get done was window treatments for the sunroom. The sunroom is in the back of the house and has six double hung windows and also a french door which leads out to the back deck. I have neighbors that are near by that can view the back of my home. I also have furniture and a tv in the room. I wanted to keep within a reasonable budget while still purchasing a quality product.

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