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Winter Herb Gardening

Fresh herbs are great but somewhat hard to come by in the winter. Not being able to have the whole herb garden indoors you will need to prioritize what you want to grow indoors. Some of my favorites are Basil because of how many different dishes you can use it in as well as Parsley and Thyme, I also like to add some Mint when I grow indoors in the winter to add some extra flavor to drinks like Hot Coco.

There are a few ways you can grow indoors during the winter.

  1. Transplanting a few cuttings from your outside garden into pots for inside is a great way to start, this allows you to start one step ahead of just new potting’s, you will want to make sure you water them often as well as give them plenty of natural light.
  2. Hydroponics, are great for small spaces and don’t need natural light with some of the ones available online you can also get different sized ones depending on how much room you want to allocate.
  3. If you have a lot of room you can make your own potting area and use grow lights to allow you to maintain so great herbs during the winter.

Fresh herbs make all the difference in cooking and its always a struggle in the winter but the best thing to do is just try something till you find what works best for your home and conditions.

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General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Winter Decor

The Christmas tree is down, and the stockings are put away, but winter is here to stay for a few months. Figuring out how to decorate your house (which is suddenly looking bare) tends to be a challenge. We’ve put together a few ideas to keep your house looking warm and cozy for the next few months.

  • Keep around the greens. Use any evergreens you have around the house for decorations. Adding them to the mantle or using them as a centerpiece creates a feeling of warmth. Even better is – you get to use something you already had bought for Christmas!
  • Sort through your holiday decorations. Keep out any pieces that feature just snow, snowmen, or white and red designs. Although they make look festive with the rest of the Christmas decorations around, you’ll be surprised that they just make the statement of “winter” by themselves.
  • Use a lot of white. Throw pillows, blankets, even candles. Even though it may seem silly – because you are looking outside at a lot of white snow – bringing white in the house during these months brightens up your décor and gives a feeling of warmth to a room.
  • If you had a real tree, cut some pieces from the bottom of the stump. Use these pieces around the house for decoration. Create centerpieces or just decorate coffee tables. If you are feeling inspired, look up ideas for creating decorations out of the wood from your tree! (they require some work and creativity, but it allows you to cherish memories you made during the holidays).
  • Get the kids involved. The excitement of new toys is probably wearing out, so get them involved in helping you decorate. Help them to cut out and decorate snowflakes, and then let them choose where you want them to hang them around the house.

Even though it seems simple at first, you’ll quickly realize that cleaning and organizing is definitely a bit easier without all the clutter around. And hey, that’s the look of nature out our winter right now, so let’s take advice from Mother Nature!

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General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Warming Up for Winter

This time of year many people are redecorating their living rooms with a cozier feel for the winter. Layers!!!! Lots of layering will turn any living space from cold to warm. Begin by moving your existing furniture around. Changing the placement of the furniture gives your space a new look. Scented candles add to the essence of the room. You can purchase the candles in many sizes. Throw pillows of all shapes, sizes, and color will be your new best friend. You will want to place them on the sofa, love seat any seating area in the living room. Throw covers are another form of layering as well. Also, rugs always add warmth to a room. Layer two rugs under your coffee table or end table; even under your entertainment center. It seems like a lot. At the same time, it will look amazing.

If possible adding leather furniture whether it be a chair, a stool, and ottoman anything with leather in it or on it; will really warm things up. Something about soft leather in the winter time gives things a cozy feel. Sometimes plants or any greenery would also be an ideal addition. Plants help breathe life into a space. If you don’t have much of a green thumb; cactuses or orchids are real easy plants to take care of. They also have a character. For a final touch in the living room. Adding a valance, a sheer curtain or even drapes to your windows will add an extra layer of warmth. Most importantly have fun and stay warm.

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DIY General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Let It Snow!

Let it snow!

My kids love the littler gel stick ons. They come in all sorts or styles, colors and patterns. They add to any style of home. They are amazing for small apartments because they virtually take up no room, but still adds to any holiday or celebration. We love our snowmen and snowflake cling-on. They also help out on those pesky snow days, when you have run out of activities to do indoors, It can kill a good hour of playtime, mixing and matching the different snowman and creating different winter wonderland. The best part is no matter how dirty they get, if you just wash them with soap and water they are as good as new. As soon as they dry they regain there stick factor. Worst case scenario if they rip or you don’t feel like saving them, they are only a dollar. Even though Christmas is over, I like to keep my holiday lights up. The days are shorter which means its darker longer. I feel like the lights brighten up the long winter. They also make a great night light if you need an alternative, fast. Last year, my daughters princess Sofia light blew out as i was conveniently putting away our tree and decorations. So we took a string of colored lights and draped them over there picture frames so they looked like vines and it adds a lot of color to her butterfly room.

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Blinds Products

Energy-Saving Blinds

In today’s world, who wouldn’t want to save the planet while saving money? Concerns over the environmental state of our planet have risen along with oil and gas prices. The cost of utilities continues to creep up. Now, more than ever before, people are trying to save the planet and watch their bank accounts in the process. So when a product comes along that helps us save both the planet and money, it must be worth talking about.

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