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Di-stressing Yourself for the Holidays

By: Kayla

‘Tis the season! The holidays are almost here, and that means family and friends, entertaining and decorating your home as cheerfully and festive as this time of year makes you feel. Trying to obtain that warm and inviting, cozy atmosphere by bringing the festivities inside? Adding a new accent to the room is a great way to accomplish that.

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Baby it’s Cold Outside

By: Meghan

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost- brr! Something is nipping at your nose, your toes, and it’s only November! It shouldn’t be that cold, and oh the heating cost! Time to do something about those windows where the chill is coming in. You could crank up the heat, oh wait- you want to buy presents this year- and not everyone has a fireplace. Even if you do you are already cleaning- soot isn’t a good look. Maybe wrap the windows in plastic? Make everyone where parkas, and mittens? Though plastic takes away from your decor, and eating cranberry sauce and pie in parkas? Eating cookies in mittens?

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