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Half Door Dilemma

When you move into a home, you always go in with the mind set – the brighter the better. Whether it’s coming from windows, skylights, or doors; the more light there is then the more appeal it has. Until it comes to realizing you need some privacy. Half glass doors often raise a challenge to a lot of new homeowners. Again, it’s nice to have some light filter in, but you are also creating a privacy issue by not closing the view from outsiders.

The most important thing to keep in mind with a window on a door – half or full – is that being it is a door, the less bulky, the better. One of the most creative ways we have seen the doors covered, is applying an actual film directly to the glass. There is a variety of styles available – from a simple frosted look, all the way to as decorative a stained-glass window. It is simple, you simply cut the shape you need and stick it to your glass. Down side, of course, is that you are losing the option of ever seeing out of the window, but up side is, you are eliminating any space/bulkiness option.

The second most common option is a curtain. They are generally attached with a small rod at the top and bottom of the window, to eliminate them flopping around when the door is opened or closed. Again, a great option because they are compact, and fit tightly against the door. The downside, through our research is that there are not a lot of options out there, and most appear to be your standard white sheer material. The upside compared to the film is you can always move them to the side, or peek out through a corner if you need to see out.

Blinds or shades are also a common option. When choosing the style, rather than necessarily match to the other treatments in your room, keep the idea of “less bulky” in mind. If going with a blind you can tilt open and closed, stick to a mini blind, due to the low profile. If you go with a shade, chose something with a small headrail that closes tightly. The advantage to one of these treatments is that you have a lot more control over the view – whether it is the tilt feature, or the raising and lowering depending on the time of the day. You also have a lot more option in terms of colors, styles, and even prints. The downside, again, compared to the other two is that they will definitely appear a little bulkier.

Whichever direction you go, keep in mind doors are generally high traffic areas, meaning whatever you go with will have a decent amount of wear and tear in it’s lifetime. And as always, any treatment you add will add a decorative element to the space – so make sure it flows with your style!

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General Products Tips and Advice

Winterizing Windows

While investing in new windows or blinds may be the best way to increase efficiency from your windows, sometimes a quick and easy solution may be necessary. Some years winter blows in earlier than expected, and some years life takes over and you forget you need to prepare. Either way, we’ve put together a list of a few easy ideas that can help keep your home a little warmer this winter.

  • Use bubble wrap on your windows. While it may sound silly, bubble wrap has the similar effect you get from a cellular shade, which is essentially using the bubbles as a barrier to keep the cold air out of your house. Attach the bubble wrap to the edges of your windows with a double-sided tape, that will easily remove at the end of the winter. This idea is great for a window that is drafty right near a bed or table.
  • Use a draft stopper designed for the bottom of a door on any windows that are exceptionally drafty. This will allow you to keep out the cold air with no installation required.
  • Use caulking. While this sounds a little more advanced, it really isn’t. Use the caulking to fill any obvious holes/gaps around the opening of all of your doors and windows. While there may just be small holes or gaps, filling them can make a world of difference.
  • Use inexpensive shower curtains for bigger windows or sliding doors. While it may not be the most attractive solution, a shower curtain can cover a large amount of space fairly easily, while again creating a barrier from the cold weather.
  • Remove any window AC units. While this may seem obvious to some, you are letting in a huge amount of air through the AC unit, therefore, when the wind starts to blow and the temperatures are below freezing, you are getting cold air in and losing your heat right out the windows!

Keep in mind, none of these solutions are as good as replacing drafty old windows, or investing in insulating shades, but when winter comes knocking these will keep the cold out for a little while longer!

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We Make It Easy!

Have you ever shopped for blinds or shades before? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve found a great place to start! At Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants live by our motto: “We Make It Easy!”

Your first decision would be deciding whether or not you would like blinds or shades better for your window. What’s the difference, you ask? Our real wood Laredo 2″ and aluminum Softlook 8 Designer are two examples of blinds. Simply put, they’re made out of horizontal slats in which you can tilt open and closed to adjust the light. Some of our shade styles include Harmony or Motif. Shades are generally a window covering made of fabric. This fabric can be light filtering, room darkening or blackout. To make this decision, we would ask you, “how do you want to control or block out the light?”

Secondly, a major factor that everyone must adhere to, is budget! Blinds To Go has the largest selection of blinds and shades under one roof, so we have something for everyone in every price range! From small vinyl mini blinds to lavish and decorative Harmony shades; we have something that will surely go hand in hand with your budget AND your home!

Your third decision would most likely be based on style and color. A safe option that many Blinds To Go customers choose is a classic white. Some customers do choose to go the bolder route and go with a bright color or bold pattern. We have white and color/prints alike available in every blind or shade option. As you can probably tell, you will have a lot to choose from, but that first initial question will narrow it down. To further help you decide, we’d ask which one you’re more comfortable with and which would help your home feel more like “home”.

After those primary choices are made, the rest of the pieces just fall into place. When you shop at Blinds To Go, our Design Consultants are here for you every step of the way to ‘Make It Easy’. Investing in window coverings can finish your home off with just the right touch. So let us ask you one last question… Do you know where you’ll be designing your window treatments?? Here’s a hint… WE MAKE IT EASY!

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Aluminum blinds displayed in this steam punk styled office. Care Tips Tips and Advice Window Basics

Easy Clean Window Decor

Keeping your home clean can sometimes be such a draining chore with all the mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting and or stain fighting who has time for anything else? This season, while you are spring cleaning why not put some easily cleaned window treatments in your room as a final touch? That way you can have more time to spend alone or with family and friends.

With our two inch blinds in either PVC, Vinyl, or Aluminum you can wipe and go, not worrying whether they will get dingy or stained. With the proper care these treatments can last many years to come and still look good as new. They allow you to adjust how much light come into the room as well as still providing you with one hundred percent privacy that is wanted while they are shut.

On the other side of the spectrum we have our Vinyl coated Pleated Shade in the Chrush Design or our vinyl Roller Shades in the Brilliance Design. Both can be wiped down all the same and can handle larger widths and heights with out smooth cord-lock mechanisms; just like the blinds these shades give you good versatility, color wise, that way they can fit in any room color palette.

The great thing is no matter what you choose we also have great valance choices to dress them up if wanted, giving your room that simple and yet elegant choice to complete it. So no matter which direction on the spectrum you decide to go in, it will surely be the cherry on top not matter what room you put them in.

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Keeping the View

    Most times when people are shopping for window treatments, they are looking for the treatment to look and do something specific for their window or room.  One of the most common functions for window treatments is to provide privacy.  Private treatments work both ways in that they block the view from the inside of the home, as well as from the outside looking in.  However, there are some windows and rooms where keeping the view may be more important.  Such spaces, can include kitchens, dens, and offices, where sheer or simple valance treatments may be a better fit.  Sometimes even bathrooms and bedrooms can allow for sheer treatments if the location of the window is on a higher story of the home or faces a remote area.  These are the best spaces to allow your home’s natural environment to be visible, which can do wonders for the ambiance of a room.

Keeping a natural view can be accomplished through pulling private window treatments up but in the aforementioned spaces, sheer or valance treatments can be so much more effective.  Often times in kitchens, which can have smaller windows, simple fabric valances are enough to add a little décor to the window while not blocking the view.  Wooden cornices or valances can also be utilized to accomplish this.

However, there are some cases where a sheer shade, instead of a valance might be more beneficial. For example if a kitchen window is located over a sink, a desk is positioned close to an office window, or a tv that is affected by glare in a family room.  In these situations where the natural view also comes with too much sunlight, sunweaves, or solar shades, are great options.  They are sheer, but are designed to block harmful UV rays so that you can keep your view of the outside world but also be productive.

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Blinds Inspiration Products Shades Tips and Advice

BTG Blueprint 2.0

borneospice_beauty_001Written by Ashley H.

Just like any other day, your taking time out of your busy morning to watch your favorite show, “The View”. During a commercial break you find yourself watching a Blinds to Go commercial. Of course you frown to yourself because you have been putting off buying window treatments for entirely too long. You work, have the kids to run around with and of course you just want to relax; but a day goes by, then a week goes by, which leads to months going by. Buying window treatments takes time and decisions. You need help and want to make sure you are getting a fair deal for what you need. Take this commercial as an omen; you need to get in your car and hit Blinds to Go!

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