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Modernize Cordless with Motorized

Motorized Cascade, girl controing window shade via remote.

By Gina G.

As the window treatment industry evolves, cordless mechanisms have become integral and not just viewed as additional features to blinds and shades.  Cordless blinds and shades have become the main request for most people shopping for window treatments.  This is due to the various benefits opting for cordless brings.  First, cordless options, with no visible strings dangling, provides a clean look; there are no visual obstructions to your window treatment.  Second, going cordless provides the operator with ease of use as the mechanisms are typically very simple and smooth.  Additionally, for most parents and caregivers, it is a “no-brainer” when it comes to child safety and durability.  As a durable mechanism, cordless uses internalized stringing and therefore doesn’t have exposed cords that fray and may break sooner.

The prevalence of cordless is now for all window treatments whether you’re considering blinds or shades.  With lighter weight mini blinds, cordless also includes wandless option where both functions (tilting and lifting) are performed together.  On heavier blinds, the tilting mechanism is still present (usually a wand) but the lift which was traditionally corded, is now cordless.

With this huge swing toward cordless mechanisms brings the emergence of an even more modern mechanism, motorization.  Motorization maintains all of the aforementioned benefits of cordless but now automates those functions.  It allows users to control the window treatments with a remote from anywhere in the room or from a wall unit (similar to a light switch).  Powering motorized blinds and shades also offers choices.  Most commonly, motorized is offered with a rechargeable battery system.  It is easy to think of this as similar to how you charge your cell phone.  And, with most newer homes having outlets near the windows, rechargeable battery powered treatments suffice.  However, if recharging every year or so is not appealing, hard-wiring shades to the home’s electricity is another (perhaps more costly and time consuming) option.  Regardless of how motorization is added, the trend certainly progresses the cordless movement toward technology-driven culture of the modern day.

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Inspiration Tips and Advice

Get the Right Look!

Window treatments are a big thing to consider when designing a space. There are tons of options to choose from that have different purposes and functions. When selecting window treatments, you must consider several questions to make sure you get it right. Do you need to block the light, create privacy, or just look pretty? Do you need the same throughout the house, or can you switch them up? Today we are answering all those questions about how to choose the right window treatments for your home. First things first: do you need to choose the same window coverings throughout your home? The answer is no! Each space has different functions, and different needs when it comes to privacy, light, and aesthetic.

Choosing the right window treatments for your home or business can be tricky. With many options, styles, patterns and colors to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right decisions; especially if your buying for a lot of windows. The process can be a little more complicated when you’re in the market for window treatments for unusual or unique windows and window arrangements; particularly rooms with multiple small windows that are very close together. When mounting inside mount is a great solution for close together windows that have their own separate frames. It helps maintain a sleek, uniform appearance without potential for overlapping that can occur with outside mount. If you are thinking of mounting your window treatments inside the frames of your close together windows, you can’t go wrong with micro aluminum blinds, 1” faux wood blinds, cellular shades, sheer shades, or bamboo shades. For one large window single frame an extra large or over sized window treatment can create the illusion that the room has one giant and luxurious picture window. Having a single shade can also make it easy to control light and privacy in the room. I would recommend roman shades, roller shades, or vertical blinds.

The whole idea of decorating is to make your home more beautiful, inviting, and comfortable with minimal expense and maximum effect. The thing is, no one else must live in your home but you. You have nothing to prove. Imagine you are making this change for you and you only. Stop thinking or worrying about the outside influencers. Good luck!

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Do’s & Don’ts for Cordless

Nowadays, homeowners have more options than ever before when it comes to window treatments: wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, shutters, honeycomb shades; the list goes on and on! It’s not just the style and materials that homeowners have to consider though. The right lift system can make all of the difference. Just as there are many different styles of window treatments, there are also many different styles of lift systems. Each is unique and provides users with vastly different functionality. The lift system everyone is talking about today is cordless lift.

Cordless lift eliminates – you guessed it – all cords and it allows you to raise and lower your shade with the smooth operation. Besides the added safety factor, this unique functionality also offers several other benefits as well. For starters, cordless window treatments are easy to operate. Simply lift up and down. Then, of course, aesthetic appeal. Cordless window coverings give your windows a more streamlined, modern look that is sure to compliment your home decor. No more cords to try and hide. No more cords for your dog or cat to play with and ultimately ruin your window treatments. No more cords to…well, just no more cords. Period. Sleek, easy to use, and safe, cordless is the future of window coverings.

Cordless lift systems are available for a wide variety of blinds and shades to bring both convenience and clean lines. The cordless mechanisms make your home décor look elegant and modern. Not many people want all these different cords hanging and looking busy on their windows. It makes it easier for cleaning the window treatments and when you’re ready to clean your windows there won’t be multiple cords to get tangled together and eventually not operable. I’ve found that kids also are able to work their shades or blinds easily with the cordless lifts. Otherwise, kids would just try to tug at their window treatments and then eventually snap the cord or something goes wrong where they break their window covering itself.

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General Inspiration Tips and Advice

Add a POP of Color

Spring is officially here and with spring brings the bright bold colors of flowers, fresh grass, and blue skies. Which also makes it the perfect time of year to bring some of those bold colors inside. Unfortunately, bringing a bold shade of fuchsia or an electric lime to your home decor can sound easier said that done. The key thing to keep in mind when bringing this pop of color into your room is that it should be just that; a pop. To help you not go overboard, we have put together a list of ideas; some bolder than others to bring the bright colors inside your home.

  • Front door. Depending on the decor in your living room or foyer (they generally tend to err on the side of neutral tones), adding a splash of color to your front door can be a fun way to brighten up the space  it’s a big enough space to make a statement, but it’s small enough that it can handle a bright pink or bold teal.
  • Nightstands are a great piece of furniture to use to bring in some color. For starters, they are usually the smallest (so easiest and least expensive) piece of furniture to switch out in your bedroom, and they are available in a variety of bold colors. Or, if you’re not loving your current night stands, make it a DIY project and refinish them to your color of choice! This same theory/process can be used in the living room with your end tables as well.
  • Inside of a bookshelf. This one seems a little outside of the box, but have a boring white bookshelf in your office? Take out all the books and repaint the back panel with a bright shade of yellow; it instantly adds color but as soon as you add your books back on the shelf it gives you a little subtler of a look!
  • Add an area rug. There are few rooms that can’t handle the addition of an area rug. Even the kitchen or bathroom can use smaller rugs and can instantly be transformed with a bright bold color – even pattern!
  • Accent chair. Clearly, named “accent” chairs for a reason, this is a great way to bring in a bold color to many rooms in your home. Add a chair in your living room, bedroom, or even a corner in your dining room. Decide on the space if you want to find something just decorative or if you would want it to be functional as well and make a statement.

The best part about all these ideas is that, as easily as you make the transformation, you can take it back. You always want to keep in mind when decorating that less really is more, and not to paint/change anything that you could see yourself wanting to undo in the next two years. Happy Spring!

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Bringing in the Bold: Charcoal

The gray color palette has been a trending style for the last few years. Some years it’s more muted, others a little brighter, but this year the trend is adding in the bold color of charcoal. The initial reaction is to shy away from the darkness in home décor, as not to overwhelm a space, but there are actually a few great ways to tie it into any space.

  1. Using it as a tile color. Whether it be a backsplash in your kitchen or a unique bathroom floor; charcoal tile, or even slate, can add a pop of color while maintaining a clean, streamlined look. The trend with darker tiles is usually to go with a tile that is a little larger, so the darker color does not overwhelm a space.
  2. An accent paint color. Bring the paint color in on a door, or the top half of a wall. Use it to make the trim in a room stand out. Dress up dated picture frames with a coat of paint. It is usually best to use it as an accent, being that painting an entire wall or room can drastically shrink the feel of the space.
  3. Re-purpose old furniture. Paint an outdated dresser. Re-paint kitchen cabinets. Even repaint wooden chairs for a dining room table. It is amazing when a piece looks like its ready to head to the junk yard, that it can be revived with a simple coat of paint. It’s generally easy to do with some sand paper, primer, and a can of paint.
  4. Use soft treatments. Generally, the easiest way to dress up a room, or change décor, it works here once again. Swap out bedding, add throw pillows, use blankets. Invest in new drapery, or blinds that will make the look of your windows really stand out. These are always pieces that are easier to swap out if you get bored of them over time.
  5. Exterior revamp. While charcoal may be a bold color for a room on the interior of the home, using it to paint the outside of your house is sure to give it a sharp look, and really increase the curb appeal (especially if you are switching from a more muted tone).

Keep in mind, that while this year charcoal is in, last year it was a lighter shade. You never know what next year will bring, so always keep in mind to keep it simple, and make sure that you love whatever you are changing or adding to your home!!

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General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Ultra Violet

Every year, Pantone picks a new color of the year and you will see it blended into fashion and décor without ever knowing. This year’s color Ultra Violet is a bold shade of purple described by them as, “Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” This color will be a perfect color to add a bit of drama and flare in different rooms.

Last year’s color Greenery was used in situations such as a bold, solid fabric for a couch or even in dramatic roman shades. We believe that this year’s color will be a great color to add a splash of in any room and can be used in many different ways to bring out its full potential. Let us know if you think of any others that we missed.

Centerpiece: a centerpiece on a table could benefit greatly from have an deep rich color of Ultra Violet, an easy way to add this would be with an Orchid or large bouquet arrangement highlighting this magnificent hue.

Wall:  talk about an accent wall! If you just love the color and want to make a statement in any room whether its a living room or bathroom, Ultra Violet could make an impact statement by painting one full wall and drawing attention to it when you walk in.

Pillows: Furniture lasts a long time so if you want to dial it back a bit you may consider using a mix of throw pillows in order to add Ultra Violet along with other complimentary colors into a rooms décor.

Window Treatments: Ultra Violet is a great color to add originality to a room and what better way to do that then splashing it in a pattern for your shades roman or roller and even drape or curtains. This would add a little accent in order to pull a whole room together and completing a theme.

Flowers: Like we mentioned earlier, most Orchids tend to have a shade of Ultra Violet but plenty of other flowers can be used in your décor to add a splash of color and it’s always nice to add some organic decor into a space.

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General Tips and Advice

Small Apartment Solutions

Moving into a new space can be both exciting and overwhelming. If this new space happens to be an apartment, then often times the overwhelming part is where to put all your stuff?! We’ve put together a short list of ideas to help make the moving a little easier, and make your space feel even bigger!

  • Make every day furniture serve multiple purposes.
    • Adding open shelving in your kitchen area can be both functional and decorative. Use metal shelves that allow you to add a lot of storage to your space while showing off your things! (It will also help you to stay organized – because it will force you to clean more often!)
    • Use furniture in your living room that provides storage. A lot of coffee tables/ottomans now are designed to have storage space inside – and best of all its hidden so no one will know what you hide in there! For a TV stand, use a bedroom dresser – with drawers or cabinets – most tv equipment takes up very little space these days – so you have an entire cabinet to fill with anything you need space for.
  • Use every bit of space available.
    • Under bed storage is the best idea ever! You can store anything under the bed – and no one will know it’s there. Hide things closer to the wall you don’t need access to as frequently, and put clothes closer to the sides you can get to them easily.
    • If you have an entry way table, use a decorative table cloth – instant storage underneath, and your friends will think you were just decorating!
    • Make the most of your closet space. Add small shelves to store your shoes. Use hooks on the walls – hang purses, belts, scarfs without taking up good real estate in your room.
  • Make sure to decorate accordingly.
    • Hang a mirror on the wall in any room you want to appear bigger. It’s an instant fix to any space.
    • Make sure not to overdo window treatments. Curtains in a space that is too small can take over the room and make it appear smaller. Stick with blinds that can be interior mounted.
    • Keep the wall colors light and neutral. When you want a pop of color use accent pieces.

Remember – it’s home – make it your own!

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Spring on a Budget


What better reason to change the interior decor of your home than the ever changing season that we have in our country, instead of despising it, we all just have to spring forward and shake off those winter blues. There are surefire ways to refurbish our homes in a very minimal way so that we can keep up and be in the mood to welcome spring. Here are a few items you can definitely change or add without having the need to break the bank.
Putting houseplants are not just adding greenery in your living space but also increase oxygen level, purifies the air, and improve your health and focus. Adding the plants can give you a fresh spring feel.
Floral-patterns, colorful, and bright window treatments are also an update that can definitely change the way you look into your home. There are plenty of pretty Roman and Roller soft shades that can give you the vibrant spring-look. Try the paisley and chevron patterns, for a very minute but colorful details.
If you are not as bold yet as holding the brush and painting an entire wall or even just an accent wall, why not decorate by hanging some floral paintings? You can experiment on size and colors, and you can definitely change up these items for every season.
The right accessories are equally important as all the elements in any home. Small things matter.
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One Room At A Time: Kitchen Decorating 101

Since the kitchen is the room in my house people always tend to see when they stop by, I always love to keep the room looking clean, up to date, and refreshed. It’s the place you’ll gather for a cup of coffee after the kids leave for school, where the family will gather to celebrate events, and the room you’ll relax in with friends after a long week of work. That being said, it’s always easier to keep it simple from a decorating perspective.
– Use your everyday items as décor. – For example, the pretty coffee cups you use on a regular basis can be hung above the counter from simple hooks – not only does it take clutter off the counter, but the color in the cups can then accent your décor! Another example is using glass jars to store your fruit. Fruit is also colorful and decorative, and generally, you need somewhere to store it as well – use the decorative containers you were given last Christmas to show them off!
– Add greenery. – Depending on how you much counter space you have, figure out where it makes the most sense to bring in some plants. If you are low on space, don’t waste it – find a corner where you can get some hanging shelves and fill them with plants. Use them as a centerpiece on your kitchen table – it will force you to make sure the table doesn’t fill with clutter too! If you have the space on your counter, use it to your advantage and add a few small plants to brighten it up.
– Use chalkboards. – Depending on the household there are lots of fun uses for chalkboards in the kitchen. You can use to with your partner to remember what meals you shopped for at the beginning of the week if you have kids you can use it to keep track of after-school activities or even chores. If you just love to entertain you can add fun quotes and sayings that are different every time your friends stop by!
– Bring in some color. – Although the kitchen is a room without a lot of fabric treatments, you can always find a way to bring in some color. For starters, throw an area rug down under the kitchen table, or a runner in front of the sink. Rugs are a fun way to bring in a trendy color or pattern without being overly committed to it. You could also add a valance or window treatment with some color for fairly inexpensive.

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Kitchen Real Wood Blinds DIY General Interior Designers Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Kitchen Window Treatments

Windows in the kitchen can be a fairly difficult task to figure out. As in most rooms, you have to keep the basics in mind – why do I need this treatment, and work your way from there. Do you need to cover your windows for basic privacy? Is there any need to darken the room? Is there glare in your eyes while you’re eating dinner? Are you just simply looking to just dress up the window?
The other considerations for a kitchen that differ a little from the other rooms are related to where in the room the windows are located. Is the window directly over the sink? (Will there be splashing that can hit the treatment). Is it over the counter or the stove? (Is there a chance food will get on it while you are cooking or preparing a meal). Is it close to the table? (Is it possible someone could spill something on it while eating or get fingerprints on it).
All of these things considered, there are a couple of options that are usually the go to in the industry for your kitchen. Faux wood, for one, is always a go-to option. They give you multiple functions – privacy, room darkening, glare protection. They are also extremely easy to clean – basically they are just made from PVC, a material that is extremely durable and can hold up to being cleaned on a regular basis. They come in a wide range of colors and different options that can customize a look to work in nearly any kitchen.
Another popular option is sun shades. The consideration with these are they do not provide a high level of privacy because they are more of a screen, but often times you do not need full privacy in your kitchen. The good thing about these shades is that they provide an extremely modern, clean look to a room, and block out the glare in the room. The best part is that they can be cleaned extremely easily with a damp cloth or sponge as they are a solid piece of material that is coated in vinyl. These have become more and more popular as kitchens are decorated with a more modern look, and are available in a wide range of different colors as well as textures.
Of course, any treatment will work in the room, it is just generally wise to stay away from fabrics in most instances. Whether it’s close enough to get hit with food/moisture, just keep in mind that the fabric will retain the smells and scents of your cooking.

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