Restroom Window Coverings

People often have the question; What is the best window covering for restrooms? There are a lot of options and one is not limited to a certain kind when you are considering to cover your restroom window. Most of the time, people want to have privacy while still letting in the light. Since you typically have […]

Aluminum VS Vinyl Blinds

Aluminum and vinyl are two materials used in the manufacture of blinds. Both materials come with advantages and disadvantages. Blinds, regardless of what material they are made of, serve the same basic function. They are used to shade windows and let an adjustable amount of light into a given room. Advantages Aluminum blinds are strong […]

The “New” Roller Shades

By: Karen My husband and I just added a new sunroom to the back of our house. It’s great, overlooking the pool, has a great sound system, and overall is a good place to entertain guests. Small problem – it opens up to my living room, that opens up to my kitchen and dining room… […]