Vertical Victory

By: Aisha   Verticals have been around for a very long time, so long they are basically a household name brand commodity. The uses for them vary from covering small windows to multiple windows to slider doors, and they come in two types, vinyl and fabric. Vinyl verticals are easier to wipe down, and also […]

A Sunroom “Don’t”

By: Carrie  Everybody has there own tastes. When it comes to interior decorating, sometimes I forget that. I have pretty strong opinions on the subject; it’s definitely a passion of mine. There are things I absolutely hate that other people just adore and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. But with great […]

To covet coventry

By: Aisha My indoor sunroom is my get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of every day city life. It’s an enclosure that provides me with space and absolute comfort. A place where I can unwind. It’s been a while since I have had anything new on the windows. With the changing of seasons I had […]

Sliding door alternatives

By: Nasim Most of the time we think we are restrained to one option for a sliding glass door, verticals. That is no longer the case, now there are a couple of different options that people use for sliding doors based on their particular necessities and wants. Based on what you’re looking for there are […]

Fabric Verticals for Large Windows

By: Brenna I recently moved into a gated community, and I’ve just settled into my condo. There are not too many restrictions by the community board so I am free to choose whatever I like for my window coverings. The entire condo itself is not large. My main living area is made up of one […]

Verticals – tips and tricks?

By: Erica Thought this would be a good topic to talk about since I’m not a big fan of vertical blinds, but understand they are more realistic for my sliding door and large picture windows. I’ve figured out a few solutions and quick fixes that made me realize my own patience is really the problem […]

I am here to make the case for verticals!

By: DeWayne Many people are put off by the thought of verticals for large windows and sliding doors. They are sometimes called old-fashioned and not cutting edge. I am here to tell you that verticals are here to stay!  They just work! They are practical and cost-effective. They also provide fantastic light control and ease […]

Verticals are they extinct?

By: Sai If verticals are really extinct why are there so many choices? Why are there so many colors? Why are there so many patterns and options? Why can I get them with a backing? I just don’t understand this is a confusing matter. Why are people still buying them? I was watching tv and […]

Panel Tracks – The Stylish New Way To Treat Your Slider?!

By: Karen As I was roaming around the blind stores in the area, I was trying to come up with a treatment for the new slider we added in our basement – I love having it open, but because of the sun coming in on the TV in the afternoon it needs to be covered.  […]