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People Still Buy Verticals?

By Steven M.

A common question many people ask is “Do people actually still buy vertical blinds?” The answer usuallly shocks them, because yes people do indeed still purchase them. They have a plethora os uses and functions, which keep them relevent and useful. While some see them as old and outdated, in some situations they are a simple and effective solution to problems people face when covering windows and doors.

Sliding/Patio dorrs are one situation which a vertical blind is a common and popular treatment. The fact that they move the same way your door does makes for a smooth operation and use of both the door and blind. Another situation in which many would choose to use a vertical are windows that are much wider than your “standard” sized windows. When you begin to search for a covering on a window which is 10 plus feet in size your options become quite limited. Again vertricals are a common suggestion and solution to a situation such as this as they can go up to 16 feet wide. With the various colors and styles that are offered, many giving the appearance of curtains with a s-curve, or fabric verticals, the  idea of them being old and ugly is a distant thought. 

In conclusion, while verticals may seem olf and outdated, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They provide very easy solutions to problems people face quite often, two of which I have addressed here. The ease of use is simply an added bonus, giving the user a simple expierence. As surprisiing as it may be, yes people still buy vertical blinds.

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Latitude Winners

Why is it so hard to dress up your sliding glass door? And why is the price always so expensive? When it comes to window treatments, you don’t have to think so hard about the options. What do I want; a blind or a shade? Pretty simple stuff, right? But when it’s your sliding glass doors turn to get a new outfit, you cringe! Eek! No one wants the old school vinyl verticals in their house. Please, you would never have company over again.

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Add a Splash of Color

By: Ashley H.


Summer time and the living are easy! When summer time hits, we run out to the stores and buy a whole new wardrobe of stylish clothes in bright colors and designs. But did we ever sit back and wonder how our windows feel? Of course not! When summer time comes along, the only thing on our minds is hitting the beach, flip-flops, and bright colors. Listen everyone, your windows have feelings too and they want to tell you that they would like a new wardrobe, or outfit for that matter! Use the summer months as a reason to through out those old window treatments and slide something new, bright and colorful to your windows and sliding glass doors.

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Time For a Change

By: Gloria H.


Have you been walking by your slider doors all winter and acting as if it is not there?  You know that it’s time for a change but you keep thinking “I will get to it later.”  Now fast forward two months, spring is here and you still have not gotten to it.  Maybe you think it is going to be a hassle to measure or that it is going to be too difficult to replace or maybe you just do not know what to put up.  Well that is what I am here to help you with.  If you are worried about doing you own measuring then we have skilled professional who will handle the measuring and installation for you.  This way you have nothing to worry about.  The installer will even bring the blinds to your home this will save you a trip and you don’t have to think about picking up that vertical yourself.

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Time to Open the Door!

By Karen E.


Winter’s over! It’s finally that time of year to open up the windows and let in the fresh air. One of the most popular sellers this time of the year are window coverings for sliding glass doors.  Most of the time in the winter, you are trying to cut down on the doors people are tracking the snow and mud into, so they don’t get used, and once spring rolls around, people start to realize how worn out the slats are, or that pieces of the track have been lost along the way.

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Peace and Quiet

By: Brittany

Picture windows are beautiful in a home but not if they’re making you feel like you’re living in a fish bowl. Plus, those dreaded verticals have gotten on your last nerve with their clicking and clacking. Verticals are the only thing that will come big enough for that window though, right? Wrong. With the new year right around the corner, now is a good time to do some updating and get the look you really love.

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Out with the old (year), and in with the new (year)!

By: Meghan

2014 is a year of new possibilities, changes, a new you. And it’s time to make some changes. I’m here to help you make those changes to your windows.

You have had the basic, off the shelf, low quality verticals since moving in. Half are chipped, some are warped. They just need to go! Custom made verticals are higher quality, and the price is surprisingly affordable. Custom can fit all windows, and all budgets as well. Plus you are getting items that are more your style. And yes, people are still buying verticals.

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Ginger & Spice

By: Gloria

Its that time of the year, you’re planning your holiday gathering and want to finally get a window treatment for your slider you have been putting off. You don’t have much time  before your loved ones arrive, well good thing we offer a 48 hour delivery time!  Now all that’s left is to decide what to choose.   How about considering a fabric vertical which comes in warm versatile colors that will blend with your holiday decor for a  cohesive transition through out the year.  A warm and inviting Macrame spice has a natural feel ideal for a number of home styles.  If you have other windows in the same room, then you may want to consider the Sequoia Ginger which you can pair with a Redwood Ginger roller shade to transform the entire look.  The fabric for both are the same so its a consistent look.

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Sitting Duck: Life Behind a Slider

By: Ashley

When looking at houses, many people love the fact that somewhere in their lower level house, they will have a sliding glass door. But no one understands that once you move in your going to need to cover the slider, to avoid becoming a sitting duck! Sliders will not only allow tons of light to stream in, but privacy levels will drop dramatically. The initial discussion becomes do I deal with it or waste tons of money covering up this huge slider? There are many products out there on the market that could potentially be put up as a window treatment, but the price tag could have you second guessing your judgement.

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