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The Most Wonderful Time of Year

The holiday season, in my opinion, is literally the best time of year. Friends, family, parties, and warm fuzzy sweaters. Make sure that decorating the house is always a part of the fun – and not a chore! We’ve put together a list of fun ideas for you and your family to make sure to keep things simple and fun!

  • The tree. Although this may seem to be the most obvious, often the tree can become more of a part of the “process” than fun. Make sure you go together to pick out a tree. Make ornaments together – make it a fun arts and crafts project. Enjoy each aspect (even hanging the lights!!) and make some memories doing it!
  • Dress up your doors. Literally, let everyone decorate a door in the house, and dress it up like a package. From wrapping paper, to bows, to labels, let everyone get creative – you can even vote on your favorite if your family likes a friendly competition!!
  • Decorate your own stockings. Start with a basic red and white stocking, and gather all of your art supplies. Ribbons, bows, paints, sequins, glitter – whatever you can find! When you are done, you can hang them up and add to the holiday décor!!
  • Create artwork. Depending on how ambitious you are feeling – gather canvases, paints, and brushes for everyone in the family. Set up an area (probably a good idea to lay some plastic on the floor) and let everyone create their own artwork. Make sure everyone signs and dates their canvas so you can hang them for years to come.
  • Make fun centerpieces. Gather any vases you have around the house, and any leftover decorations from the tree. Ornaments, garland, even a string of lights. Arrange them in a fun design in the vase, and you suddenly have a decorative centerpiece!!

Remember, the best thing about the holidays is having fun with family and friends. Decorations are supposed to be “fun” and colorful. It’s the time of year that being “perfect” isn’t important, but having warmth and love in your decorations is. Happy Holidays!!

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Tis the Season

Time for the Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and hot chocolate. Time to break out those ugly sweaters, hates and mittens. My kids always get so excited with they see the storage tub come out from the attic. They love to decorate the tree with all their ornaments we have collected over the years. Each year we add to out collection, whether it is a family ornament for all of us or an individual one for each kid. My daughters favorite part is her advent calender. We have one from when I was a kid with twenty five different classic mini stories. Each night we read a story and we have to do the advent calendar with the little chocolates as well. My favorite part are all the different lights. I love seeing the new creative ways people light up their homes. I saw a new decoration, which i thought was funny. Someone had a pretend Santa hanging from their chimney, it looked like he was hanging on trying not to fall. There is also this new laser light display you can buy, so your not struggling with the old fashioned lights on a string. The aggravation of untangling them for hours just to find out the middle of strand wont light up. With the laser lights its a projector that covers your whole house. You can operate these lights using your smartphone. My son loves the lights that go with the different Christmas carols. There is a street by my old house, that goes all out during this year. Every neighbor on the street competes with their decorations and the winner gets a gift that everyone pools together for. Its a great way to get everyone together for the holidays, working together and appreciate the meaning of Christmas.

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