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When in Rome Do What The Romans Do


By: Aisha

My parents recently moved to a retirement home and left the house to me, so I decided to redecorate the entire thing.The home is an old Victorian. All the rooms have crown molding and all the walls are painted in neutral beige colors to add softness to the rooms. The floors are all hard wood golden oak. Each room has a set of french doors. The room in particular that I have just finished renovating was our sun room. It’s a grand room with an open floor concept. It actually attaches from the main living room and then leads to an outdoor garden. The garden has a magnificent water fountain, koi pond, and multiple flower beds of roses. The flooring in the sun room is a grey marble and the walls are a stark white. There are five windows that overlook to the garden area.

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American Relaxing

 By: Karen016_mandlay_bo_moccassin_008

Baseball.  Apple Pie.  Hot Dogs.  All of these things scream, summer in America to me.  And I love them all.  So when it came to redecorating my sun porch this year, it seemed like a logical option to go with an American theme.  I already had a white theme from the previous year, so all I had to do was update it with some red, white, and blue.

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