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Enjoying the Fall View

By Gloria H.

That time of year has come when the view from outside your window is quickly changing.  The leaves that were once green are now a warm orange or deep red.   You want to have a chance to enjoy whats happening outside before they fall off the trees and are covered in snow.  The only problem is that  the falling leaves are leaving you a bit exposed.  So your thinking to yourself wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the view while still having a level of privacy at the same time.  Now this is were Blinds to Go can help.  We have the perfect product that would work great for you, it a sunweave roller shade.

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Seeing the View with Sunweaves

Seeing the View with Sunweaves

It’s a beautiful warm and breezy Saturday summer morning, you’re sitting at the breakfast table in the cottage, and the fresh smell of recently brewed coffee surrounds you. You breathe in the smell deeply, you feel the warmth from the mug in your hands, and inhale intensely after each sip of fragrant French roast.  You smile and look up from the mug, squinting unpleasantly, trying to see what would normally be the beautiful image of the lake through your large picture window that just happens to get the full, hot, blasting, east sun in the morning hours.

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Sun Shades

By: Karen E.


When it comes to covering the windows in your sunroom, there are a lot of options.  One of the most popular is Sunweaves, also known as sunshades.  Customers are generally most familiar seeing them in restaurants or coffee shops, and never envisioned them in their home, but when you stop and consider it, they really are a great option. 

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Sheer Madness

By: Ashley H.


On those hot summer nights when no matter how you try to cool down, the best remedy is grabbing a cold glass of lemonade and sitting out on your screened sun porch to enjoy the view. Traditionally, many people like the idea of blinds for the summer. The ability to control how much light comes in by tilting the slats appeals to many people. Serenity are a window treatment that takes a blind and mixes it with a sheer shade look to create a soft blind that allows light and air to flow through. Another sheer option that works great for summer time is sunweaves. They block out UV rays and create a sheer weave look on windows. Cascades are a new introduction to window treatments. They are very similar to Serenity, with a roller shade twist. No matter which three you choose, you can enjoy a very subtle and soft summer look on your windows.

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Summer Sun

By: Greg G.


Summer is right around the corner. Now is the best time to start getting your home and windows ready for hot summer days. At Blinds To Go we have a wide variety of styles and colors perfect for the summer sun. If you are looking to block out the harshness of the sun but still be able to look out and see a beautiful summer day, sunweaves are perfect. With an assortment of styles, colors, and UV protection we have what you are looking for.

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Sunglasses to Read?!

By: Daphnee



The other day I wanted to read the last ten pages of The Game of Thrones. I took a big chair and I sat next to the window in the sunroom. Holy moly! It was really bright, my eyes hurt, and I could definitely feel the strength of the summer sun (I had to move the chair away from the window, or else I would have had to get out my sunglasses to finish the book). I guess prior to this experience, I had never thought about how much sun hits that part of the house; clearly something needed to be done.

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Relaxing Room

By: EricaTokyo Cappucino      


There is nothing more relaxing than being in a room that makes you feel like you are outside all year round. A place to take you away from all the madness and chaos that life brings on a daily basis. Well, at least in my life that is! Just recently I made an addition to my home that most would call a sunroom. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a room that I would be using often since I have three kids and work a full-time job. I wouldn’t be enjoying much sun with a schedule like mine. But I have to say, it is the best investment I have ever made!

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Sunweaves for Brighty

By: Keith


I recently moved into a huge house in the south of France which contains a sun room where I love to sit and watch the waves while hanging out with my pet bird, Brighty.  Nonetheless, my main issue is that the room is mostly windows and they are all empty.  This results in the room becoming very warm when the sun beats in.  I personally have a very high tolerance for aggressive temperatures, however, Brighty can only be in the room for small amounts at a time before it gets too warm and he faces health risks.  This is a problem because I don’t like hanging out in my sun room without the company of Brighty.  I decided it was time to cover up my windows in some capacity.

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Natural Weave Theme Sun Room

By: Dominic002_barcelona_citrusspice_011


One of the best places in your house to kick back and relax during the summer time would be your sunroom. There are many different themes that you can go with when decorating and furnishing your sunroom and one of the most popular would be a bright, natural look. There are all types of possibilities that you can go with when setting up the window treatments for that room and get a nice, natural look out of them. There are many weave patterned shade styles that are great for keeping your room bright but still cutting back on the amount of sun that would be coming in through your windows. 

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Easy Solution For Our Sunroom

By: Sherry


Dubai Earl Grey Roller

My husband and I recently decided to re-do some of the rooms in our house. We hadn’t updated anything since we first moved in 10 years ago. On our list of rooms was our dreaded sunroom. I say dreaded because there are a lot of windows and they are pretty big. When we moved in, we looked at custom window treatments and it was a hefty cost at that time. Instead, we had decided to just buy some mini blinds off the shelf to cover them. Now, they are dusty, old, and we want to update the look; it was time to tackle this room.

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